Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Smile Train: Thank you to our young fundraisers

At Smile Train, our family of fundraisers mean so much to us – without their time, passion, and support, we would be creating a lot fewer smiles around the world.

As an international children’s charity, we enjoy working with children from all different backgrounds and walks of life – and that includes our generous young fundraisers!
It is always great to see children helping to change the lives of other children, whether that is through bake sales, sponsored sporting events, or their own bespoke challenges.

To say thank you for their efforts, we are excited to showcase three young fundraisers who have given their support to Smile Train in 2020.

Smile Train: Thank you to our young fundraisers


Smile Train is all about creating smiles! What better way to create smiles than with a comedy show – which is exactly what 10-year-old fundraiser Noah Shearsby from Lancashire did.

When Noah’s school named Smile Train as their charity of the year, students were encouraged to think of ways that they could raise money for our cause. Noah decided to host a virtual comedy show in the style of his favourite comedian, Miranda Hart, to help lift his friends and family’s spirits during this difficult time.

Noah started off with a £30 target but managed to exceed this by raising an incredible £335 – which could help to fund surgery for two children in desperate need of cleft treatment.


11-year-old Hollie-Grace Gough from Kent was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and experienced many challenges throughout her childhood as a result. That was until she discovered her love for running! Through running she came out of her comfort zone and began worrying less about what people thought and more about how she could excel.

She became a supporter of Smile Train when looking for ways she could help support other children with clefts. She found so much satisfaction by inspiring them to find hobbies that could help to lift their spirits – just like she had.

When the London Marathon was called off in April, she decided to carry out some fundraising for Smile Train by taking part in The 2.6 Challenge – a new initiative launched to raise as much money as possible to help support charities who wouldn’t benefit from the London Marathon this year.

She spent a day baking 26 smile-themed cupcakes and sold these to friends and family, allowing her to make a ‘delicious’ donation to our cause.

Smile Train: Thank you to our young fundraisers


After seeing a Smile Train advertisement on TV, eight-year-old Jacob McMullen from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne decided he wanted to lend his support to our cause.

On further investigation, he discovered that for £150 he would be able to fund a cleft surgery for a child in need, and he decided to make this his personal fundraising goal. When deciding what he would do to raise the money, Jacob wrote down five challenges related to the number ‘150’ – baking 150 cookies, reading 150 comics, cycling 150 miles, jumping on the trampoline for 150 hours, and balancing on one leg for 150 seconds – and decided to embark on all of these so that he could meet his target.
After carrying out only half of his activities, Jacob has already raised more than £500 for Smile Train – drastically exceeding his original target and covering the cost of more than three life-changing cleft surgeries.

We want to extend a big thank you to Noah, Hollie-Grace, Jacob and all of our wonderful young fundraisers in what continues to be a difficult time for all of us. Let’s continue to support each other and create new smiles all over the world!
For more information on how you can fundraise for Smile Train, please visit


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