About the Charity Today website

About the Charity Today website
Lee Rayment

The Charity Today website was founded by Lee Rayment to give officially registered charities a national platform in which to promote their charitable activities.

Lee began to establish the publication in 2009 following the shock and sudden death of his father at the relatively young age of just 54 in 2007. Sadly, five more of his relatives later passed away in a short period of time. The publication was seen by Lee as a way of helping the various charities for the causes that had ultimately led to the deaths of his loved ones; Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Cancer and Heart.

Lee later went on to save the lives of two men in separate incidents after taking up a CPR course as a result of his father’s death. He was awarded the prestigious national CPR award and is now an ambassador of the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Nation of Life Savers‘ campaign.

He was also awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award and a national Outstanding Act of Bravery Award, both at the age of just 39!

Over time the strength and kindness of the publication’s audience have seen many great things achieved for those in need of support. One of its biggest strengths is telling real-life stories and bringing out the best in people.

One heartwarming example that hit national headlines was the story of the late Gavin Bailey. Gavin (a brain tumour patient) had a last wish to ride in a supercar, so Charity Today requested on social media for support to make this happen.

Celebrities and members of the public came together in what was described by national media as the most heart-warming thread ever on social media.

Gavin was able to live out his dream before sadly passing away in the days after.

Thankfully, Charity Today has proven to be a very useful and successful tool for many things like this. For charities large and small to be able to promote themselves to tens of thousands of visitors every day it’s now a priceless platform to many.

Unquestionably the biggest project born as a result of the publication is the meteoric rise and success of the national charity awareness campaign #UKCharityWeek.

There is no denying the impact this campaign continues to have. Just over 6.9 million people were reached in its inaugural year and millions were raised by various good causes up and down the country. However, all these figures and records were surpassed during the 2017 campaign when a staggering 92,999,791 timeline deliveries were made!

(Source: Hashtracking®)

The website’s administration has passed hands a couple of times since 2018. On 15 August 2022, a new company, ‘UK News Broadcasting Ltd’, was incorporated and began administering the website to help grow its audience. Admins will spend the next twelve to twenty-four months tidying up content databases and implementing new security protocols.