Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice welcomes a new Head of Fundraising

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice, the UK’s only baby-specific hospice which offers respite, palliative and end-of-life care and support to children and their families from their sites in Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Coventry, has appointed Rebecca Jobson as Head of Fundraising.  

Rebecca joins the Middlesbrough site of the charity from her previous role as Communications and Supporter Care Senior Manager at Alice House, an adult-only hospice based in Hartlepool, where she worked for thirteen years. During this time, Rebecca worked her way up from a position in admin to head up the fundraising team and then moved across to the communications team.

Prior to working in the charity sector, Rebecca’s background was in hospitality and events, having worked as a wedding coordinator and at Middlesbrough football club. However, the turning point came after her gran moved to a hospice in the Christmas of 2004.

Having been given precious moments with her gran, and the opportunity to lay beside her and be with her when she died, she knows the importance of hospices first-hand and, as a movement, is something she passionately cares about.

Rebecca said:

“When my gran was in the hospice, I was astounded that it wasn’t part of the NHS and that this care is left to the charity sector. So, when the position came up at Alice House, which is based where I live, I really wanted to get involved with the hospice movement.

“I couldn’t imagine not working in the charity sector now. I love hospices and what they are all about.”

After taking her journey at Alice House as far as she could, Rebecca felt it was time for a new challenge, which was what prompted her to apply for the position at Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice.

She continued:

“I was drawn to this opportunity because I could head up a whole fundraising division, pull a new team together and move us forward. Zoë’s Place is home to the only baby specific hospices in the UK.

But, as Rebecca knows, this role doesn’t come without its challenges:

“I think my biggest challenge will be battling misconceptions about hospice care. When I told people about Zoë’s Place, everyone said it’s going to be so sad but I have been blown away by the amazing atmosphere here and to hear the children laughing in the hospice is wonderful.

“Another challenge will be raising awareness of the work of Zoë’s Place, which is far more varied than end-of-life care. From my own experience, I am very much aware that you don’t necessarily know about hospices until you need them. Everybody has heard of national charities such as Macmillan or Cancer Research, but hospices aren’t perceived as a national charity, even though there are hundreds of local hospices up and down the country.

“In addition, the uncertainty of COVID-19, the impact of this global pandemic and Brexit looming create a very uncertain environment. All charities are crying out for help more than usual. Our aim over the coming year is to keep our doors open for all the special babies and children who rely on Zoë’s Place and to let our supporters know how they can help us to do that.”

Rebecca is also excited to tackle these challenges head-on, show our amazing supporters the difference their donations make and grab all the opportunities possible to re-enhance all the fundraising that has already gone on to take it to the next level.

Rebecca concluded:

“It sounds really corny, but I feel like we can make such a difference working for Zoë’s Place. I’ve always felt working with charities every day, no matter what you’re doing or where in the world you’re based, you are doing something to directly progress that cause and that trickles down to helping somebody somewhere.

“I’ve got three children, who are all healthy, and I feel very privileged for that. I cannot imagine what life is like for the parents and families of children with complex needs. I will do everything I can to raise awareness of life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and the lifeline that Zoë’s Place is for so many families, to positively impact them for the better, for years to come.”

Wendy Reason, Director of Income Generation and Communications, for Zoë’s Place, said:  

“Rebecca has already made a real impact on the vital fundraising activity at our Middlesbrough hospice and I know with the support of the local community and business leaders, we will be able to continue to provide vital care and support to children with complex conditions and their families for years to come.”


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