Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Wood for Trees State of the Sector Report shows solid 2021 performance

AWARD-winning data agency, Wood for Trees’ latest State of the Sector Report, again shows positive signs on how the last 12 months has impacted the sector. The data shows both income and recruitment outperformed 2020 and hit levels similar to or above pre-pandemic levels.

The report, collated from data in the Wood for Trees InsightHub platform, states that charity income was 9% higher than 12 months ago and recruitment up by 24%.

Wood for Trees State of the Sector Report shows solid 2021 performancePerformance was good across most products and channels but particularly notable was the continued high level of one-off donations which we saw take off again in 2020. There was also evidence that charities and donors are further embracing digital channels, as well as confirmation that the spikes in direct mail seen in 2020 have not relapsed.

Wood for Trees Managing Director, Jon Kelly, said: 

“These latest results show the resilience of the sector and the continued generosity of the UK population. They do show some shifts in the way that people are giving with more. people giving in ad hoc ways rather than the commitment of regular giving which had become standard in recent years. It is likely that this is partly down to the effects of the pandemic but also perhaps an underlying social trend. The next few years will be interesting to see if these trends continue.”


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