As if taking part in two marathons in seven days last year wasn’t enough of a challenge, local wonder mum, Maxine Foster, is back in her running shoes again to take part in two new challenges.

The Horsham mum will be taking part in the Surrey Half Marathon on March 10 followed by the Brighton Marathon on 14 April. She will be running with a group of friends for both events to raise money for Harrison’s Fund, a charity close to her heart that raises money for research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – a condition her five-year-old son, Austin suffers from.

Wonder mum Maxine is at it again!

Maxine, 45, said:

“Austin had always been a challenging baby, he cried and screamed a lot of the time, we put this down to him having Colic and tummy problems. He was a very late walker and didn’t really speak until he was three years old but never in our wildest dreams had we expected such a terrible diagnosis.

“Each year Austin’s life changes. Now he is five we attend lots of hospital appointments for speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and most importantly his medical trial which takes him to hospital every week for an infusion of medicine. We are Family Ambassadors for Harrison’s Fund and it is important for us to play an active role in supporting the charity and raising as much money and awareness as possible. We found out about the charity through a friend who also has a son with Duchenne, I researched many charities and felt that Harrison’s Fund was the best one for us as clinical research is so important and that’s where we wanted our money to be invested.

“I am very much looking forward to the running event and training is now underway. I love the atmosphere at the Surrey Half Marathon and my daughter, Ava, will be there with other friends and family members to give us all the support we need, I am also looking forward to meeting the rest of the team who have taken time to run this event in support of our charity.”

Joining Maxine in the running challenges are Darren Arnold who will run both races and Lizzie and Mark Holifield, Emel Yilmaz, and Horsham based, Stephanie Collin, who is joining her for the Surrey Half Marathon.

Stephanie, 45, said:

“I met Maxine at my daughter, Ella’s, nursery three years ago. She and Austin were in the same class and have remained friends through to school. Recently, we’ve become closer and she is truly inspirational – they both are. Knowing Austin makes what they are going through feel that much more real and closer to home, especially as a mum myself. I decided to sign up as I want to try and help raise more awareness for Harrison’s Fund so others will, in turn, lend their support to such a wonderful cause.”

Maxine is hoping to raise £2,000 which will go towards the charity’s work funding research into Duchenne – a rare genetic condition which affects all the muscles in the body, causing them to waste away. Harrison’s Fund’s goal is to get as much money as possible into the hands of the world’s best researchers, who are working to find a cure for Duchenne. The charity is currently funding 16 research projects in the US and the UK.

Laura Morgan, events fundraiser at Harrison’s Fund said:

“We are so grateful to the ongoing support from Maxine and her family for the last few years. Whether it’s organising their own fundraising events, taking part in challenges like these marathons or just helping us spread the word about our work, they’ve been amazing.”

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