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Lee B. Rayment writes

Over the last few months, I have been working a lot closer than normal with various charities and individuals on the Charity Today Awards celebration.

To say the whole experience was an eye-opener is an understatement!

Charity Today Executive Editor and UK Charity Week founder Lee Rayment. Photograph Copyright: Carl Leverington/C3LO Photography/Charity Today

It was the day of the event, I had just had a hectic mind-blowing afternoon setting up the production, rehearsals etc. and began to get ready when I looked out the theatre window to see and hear a lot of happy people getting out of a minibus. I can hand on heart say, that it was from this very moment as I tied my bowtie that all the hard work had come to fruition for me.

It was service-users of the Teamwork Trust dressed head to toe in the black and gold clothing attire we had asked people to join in with. My heart melted with the enjoyment and excitement clearly on their faces. I just paused and smiled.

They all made their way over to the Charity Today Awards sign for a group photograph before heading over to the local restaurant barge on the river for a meal together.

As one of only a handful of people in the room who knew that Teamwork Trust was set to be named the UK, Disability Impact Award winners I was so pleased and knew in that instant that we had made the right decision.

Before us, we had a charity that understood what the Charity Today Awards were about… not the usual corporate dynamics of awards costing thousands of pounds for officials to attend. No, the Charity Today Awards celebrate and showcase good people, the service-users who should always remain at the forefront of the thoughts of the charitable organisations, not just when it suits.

Teamwork Trust made me feel proud, and I was not alone, they won the hearts of everybody present. Needless to say, that from the moment it was announced by category sponsor Karon Walton (Hegarty Solicitors) that the Teamwork Trust and their Corby Totems project had won a big cheer went up around the theatre.

Emotional service-users of Teamwork Trust winners of the Disability Impact Award. Photograph Copyright: Carl Leverington/C3LO Photography/Charity Today

As the charity representatives and their service-users made their way up onto the stage to collect their award and deliver their winners’ speech you could see what it meant to them all, as tears and hugs of pride ensued.

Teamwork Trust, Thank you for showing us all the way and for restoring my faith in that we are doing the right things. You are extremely deserved winners of the Charity Today Disability Impact Award 2019. Congratulations