Saturday, 22 June 2024
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Saturday, 22 June 2024

‘We feel so grateful to live so close to a hospital that has given us so much support’

TWO-year-old Adam will complete The Children’s Hospital Charity’s 3km Chatsworth Walk with his family to say thank you for his care at Sheffield Children’s.

Last year, Adam received care from the burns team at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  Now, Adam and his family are fundraising for The Children’s Hospital Charity, which supports Sheffield Children’s, to say thank you for the care they received.

On 14th August 2022, Mum Eva was making a cup of tea for a friend in her kitchen, along with Adam. She noticed that he was playing with the door and not wanting him to get his fingers trapped, moved to stop him, accidentally knocking the cup of boiling hot tea on the kitchen top, which then fell onto Adam’s head and right shoulder.

Eva and Adam’s dad, Haitham, immediately administered first aid and took off his clothing. It was a very distressing time for them, and they were heartbroken to witness him in pain.

Eva recalls him saying:

“Mummy, it’s tea, it hurts.”

The family then rushed Adam to the Emergency Department at Sheffield Children’s. When they arrived they were seen very quickly, and Adam was put under lukewarm water for 20 minutes. The team then cleaned the burn and put a dressing on.

Following this, they were able to go home, which the family found very reassuring, as it gave Adam some normality during a distressing time.

'We feel so grateful to live so close to a hospital that has given us so much support'

Over the following few days, the family had to return several times to have the burns cleaned and redressed. These appointments were really difficult, but Eva remembers how supportive the team at Sheffield Children’s were.

She said:

“It was the worst thing, but the team were there to look after us every step of the way. They provided pain relief for Adam, and they worked hard to distract him. They put on Winnie the Pooh after we told them that he loved it, and a play specialist was there to keep him interested. They had a physiotherapist who made sure he kept moving his arms, so he didn’t end up restricted. It was really hard, but they were so patient and kind.”

At their three-week consultation, the family were given the option of a skin graft to help with Adam’s scarring. The clinician told them what their options were, and they ultimately decided they did not want Adam to have an operation and would continue with burns dressings till it was healed.

The family continued to receive care, including from the Burns Nurse Specialist, Liz Nicholls.

Eva said:

“She was brilliant; she gave us hope and made us feel confident in our decision to not get the skin graft for Adam.”

The Burns Team then worked with the family after the burn healed to manage Adam’s scarring. They started with a silicone gel but when this had minimal effect, the team suggested pressure garments which have been very successful.

Adam still has appointments with the Occupational Therapist every few months, but his scar is progressing well. He takes medication for itchiness, but his parents hope that as he was so young when the accident happened that he won’t even remember it.

Adam is back to his usual cheerful self and to say thank you for all his care the family are taking on The Children’s Hospital Charity’s Chatsworth Walk on Sunday 25th June.

Ramblers can choose between a 3km or 10km route on the day. Starting at 10am, the walk will take you past Chatsworth House, up Lodge Hill and through the medieval Stand Woods, past the Hunting Tower, the Swiss Lake and the Aqueduct created as part of the beautification of the Stand Woods.

There will also be activities on the day, including the ‘Find Theo’ orienteering challenge for £1, and all participants will receive a medal for taking part too.

Adam and his family went on a weekend away held by Children’s Burns Trust. This event was an opportunity for children and families of burn survivors from across the country to come together and share their experiences. At this event, they met another family who had fundraised for the local charity that had supported them after their child’s accident. This was hugely inspiring to Eva and she came home determined to fundraise for Sheffield Children’s.

When Eva found out about the Chatsworth Walk she saw this as the perfect opportunity to give back.

She said:

“We feel so grateful to live so close to a hospital that has given us so much love and support. We thought this would be the perfect way to give back and help families like ours.

“I also thought this would be a nice thing to do together as a family and a great way to come together with other fundraisers. The 3km route will be great for us as Adam is only little but he will be able to join in.”

The money raised at the Chatsworth Walk will support Sheffield Children’s to change lives.

The Children’s Hospital Charity fund enhancements over and above the NHS provision, bringing new facilities, innovative research, new equipment and a brilliant arts programme to Sheffield Children’s.

To support Eva and Adam’s fundraising visit their page here:

You can sign up for the Chatsworth Walk:


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