Waverton launches its first dedicated charity fund

Waverton Investment Management (‘Waverton’) announces the launch of the LF Waverton Charity Growth & Income Fund, the first dedicated fund offering from its highly-regarded charity team.

The fund has been structured as a Charity Authorised Investment Fund and is regulated by both the FCA and the Charity Commission. It has a multi-asset approach, investing in equities, bonds and alternative asset classes with both UK and global exposure. There is no particular emphasis on any industry, market or geographic sector. While environmental, social and governance (ESG) research is integral to the Waverton stock selection process, the fund also incorporates an ethical investment policy which restricts investments in gambling, tobacco, controversial weapons and adult entertainment (against specific thresholds).

The new fund has a medium risk profile and a long-term focus. It aims to deliver a total return equal to inflation plus 3% per annum net of fees. The minimum investment is £10,000. No VAT is payable and the fund’s ongoing charge figure (OCF) will be capped at 1% per annum. For charities in need of a regular source of income, this fund has the option of income units.

James Pike, Head of Charities, Waverton Investment Management said:

“We have seen increasing demand from charities of all sizes for a fund that provides access to global investment ideas on a direct basis. We particularly wanted to offer our investment expertise in a charity-friendly wrapper to smaller charities, where fees can be a barrier to entry to the investment market.”

Ian Enslin, Lead Fund Manager, LF Waverton Charity Growth & Income Fund said:

“We know that charities are looking for inflation protection with a reasonable level of capital growth – this is a core philosophy of how we manage all our client assets at Waverton. Active management and asset class diversification with the use of Waverton’s global investment expertise will provide charity investors with our best investment ideas.”