Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Waverley’s hero swoops into Rotherham Hospital

An artist’s tribute to local NHS workers has shown that heroes come in all shapes and sizes – including those made of Lego.

Amateur artist Shaun Salmon created a Lego superhero mural to help brighten up his local park on the Waverley estate in Rotherham and to raise funds for the Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity’s Rotherham NHS Superheroes appeal.

The 5ft painting was so well received that Shaun decided to bring it to Rotherham Hospital to be displayed in reception for colleagues at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust to enjoy.

Shaun, of Calver Way, said:

“I live on the Waverley estate myself and came up with the idea as a little project to keep me and my eight-year-old daughter Halle busy during the lockdown and while I’m furloughed from my engineering job.

“I’m a big street-art fan so went along the ‘Banksy’ route of placing it anonymously so we could follow it from afar. I placed it in front of the park on our estate, which has been closed due to Coronavirus, as I thought it would give the children something to smile about. The reaction has been brilliant – it’s been so nice to see the community’s response.”

Shaun says his inspiration for the mural, created with household paint tester pots, was a friend called Margaretta Hopkins, of Wickersley, who works as a nurse at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.

Waverley’s hero swoops into Rotherham Hospital

Shaun added:

“I know a few people on the Waverley estate and others like Margareta who work for the NHS so being able to do something which thanks them and shows our appreciation was close to my heart.”

The charity’s Rotherham NHS Superheroes campaign was introduced in response to the public’s support for NHS colleagues as they care for Coronavirus patients. The charity has since received a host of donations from individuals, organisations and community groups ranging from refreshments, PPE, hand-made scrubs, headbands and laundry bags to tablets and toys.

The charity’s Just Giving page has raised almost £5,500. The Waverley Heroes fundraising page has also raised £530.

Martin Havenhand, Chairman of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“It’s absolutely wonderful to see the different ways people are coming together to fundraise for the charity’s Rotherham NHS Superheroes campaign. Shaun’s artwork is a creative way to celebrate our NHS heroes and we’re delighted to see it has brought joy to people on the Waverley estate and now at Rotherham Hospital, where we are proud to display it. We’d like to thank Shaun, and his daughter, for creating it.”


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