Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

VIDEO | UK Charity Week makes Embrace’s single its campaign theme tune

A charity single, written in lockdown to raise money for Embrace Child Victims of Crime, has been adopted by UK Charity Week 2020 as its campaign theme tune.

VIDEO | UK Charity Week makes Embrace’s single its campaign theme tuneUK Charity Week runs from Monday 7 December until Sunday 13 December. The campaign is designed to put charities and fundraising high on the national agenda at a time when statistically people are found to be their most giving.

The week-long campaign has daily themes such as Charity BIG Bake, Volunteers’ Day and UK Charity Week’s Christmas Jumper Day and this year the organisers have chosen Embrace CVOC’s We Will Overcome as the theme tune for the week which will be used on all its social media channels.

Lee B. Rayment, the founder of the UK Charity Week campaign, said:

“It has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone, so it’s more vital than ever that the charity and third sector comes together to raise awareness of the fantastic work it continues to carry out to support communities through these difficult times.

“When I first heard We Will Overcome I knew we had to use it because it’s message and the circumstances in which it was written is so fitting for the current times.”

We Will Overcome was written by Embrace CVOC’s website designer and host Trevor Jones who is also a singer/songwriter with a studio in his back garden in Cambridgeshire.

Trevor wrote and performed We Will Overcome with his daughter Lorien Clark (27), her mother Amanda Clark, actress and singer Michelle Jimenez-Alder, and other musician friends in the last lockdown to raise people’s spirits and raise money Embrace CVOC.

The track was recorded through a virtual collaboration of artists across the UK and costs 99p to download. All proceeds go to Embrace CVOC.

Father of four and grandfather of one Trevor (49) said:

VIDEO | UK Charity Week makes Embrace’s single its campaign theme tune“I wanted to do something positive in response to all the doom and gloom and all the anxiety, uncertainty and fear created by the global pandemic. Everyone is suffering because of being separated from their friends, family and loved ones, and life is extraordinary due to social distancing. Covid-19 has had a big impact on everyone. I know it is a very serious issue, but I wanted to bring some hope and positivity. The message of the song is that this will pass, we will be together again, and together we will overcome these challenges and be stronger for it.”

The virtual band also includes West End composer and musical supervisor Gary Hind, who has worked on some of London’s most successful shows including The Lion King, Les Miserables and Sunset Boulevard, Hannah Elizabeth and Griff Jameson from the Cambridge award-winning folk duo Elizabeth & Jameson, Bass guitarist Duncan Kelman, and lead guitarist Adam Chinery from Cambridge.

Trevor added:

“I’ve always loved music and I’m always in my studio recording something. I wrote the music for We Will Overcome first, and Michelle wrote the first verse. I wrote the second verse, and Amanda wrote the middle 8. Everyone recorded their pieces individually and sent it to me, and I put it all together. Michelle recorded all her vocals on an iPhone, which shows what you can achieve.”

Anne Campbell, chief executive of Embrace CVOC, said:

“I am delighted that UK Charity Week has chosen We Will Overcome as its theme tune this year. I think it gives a strong message to all UK charities and the communities we support that we will get through this together.

“Every download will help us to help those children who have had an extra-tough time in lockdown – because unfortunately there are children within our communities who are living in tense, scary households and need our support.

“Many of the children referred to Embrace have experienced violence, sexual or emotional abuse or domestic violence, and by purchasing this single, you will be helping them get the help they deserve.”

Embrace CVOC is the only charity in the UK which works solely with children who have been harmed by serious crime. Since its launch In 1993, it has helped thousands of children across the UK who have suffered violent, physical or sexual abuse or neglect or who have last a close family member to homicide. It operates in all parts of the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It delivers a range of support including access to therapy, practical support and emotional support and uplifting experiences for children and their families.

You can download We Will Overcome from iTunes 

It is also available on Amazon at ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_Xup4EbQRNR98Y To find out more about Embrace CVOC please visit:


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