Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Vandals hit a mother’s charity van three times, leaving her family terrified

Vandals have targeted a mother’s charity van three times within the space of a week, leaving her terrified in her own house.

In the early hours of Monday morning, Gemma Allan, 37, awoke to the sound of her van’s windscreen and window being shattered, terrifying her and her two daughters.

This follows two days after seeing three of her tyres slashed.

During the pandemic, the mother of nine, who resides in Canvey, set up a food bank called “Home from Home” in her garage to assist those in distress, and she used her van to distribute essentials to households around Castle Point.

Gemma said: “We’re just really shaken up. I haven’t slept that much, and I’m frightened. It woke the whole family up. The kids were crying, and they were frightened.

“It’s made me frightened in my home. I don’t want to show my face.”

Gemma is fearful of another incident.

She said: “We had two tyres slashed Wednesday night, woke up on Thursday morning to another tyre slashed, and then this happened.

“I’m thinking what’s next? Is it going to be my house?

“We have young kids, and these people have no morals.”

In January, the selfless mother and her husband Paul Hazelton, along with two colleagues, established Home from Home.

During the lockdown, Home from Home assisted up to eight families a day.

Despite the easing of restrictions, Gemma continues to assist about 16 families each week.

To donate to Home from Home, visit


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