UN conference brings climate scrutiny to UK

UN conference brings climate scrutiny to UK
Claire Perry MP for the Devizes Constituency
Claire Perry MP has announced that Glasgow will host the UN international climate conference – Conference of the Parties (COP26) – in late 2020, assuming that the UK is confirmed as the host country.

Friends of the Earth Scotland Director Dr Richard Dixon welcomed the news saying that it would bring increased scrutiny on the actions of the Scottish Government in tackling the Climate Emergency. He said:

“If the Scottish Government doesn’t increase its targets in the Climate Bill currently before Parliament, COP26 will expose Scotland as simply one of many rich, industrialised countries failing to deliver their fair share of efforts to tackle the crisis.

“While the First Minister has declared a climate emergency the real test in the run-up to this conference will be about action, not words. The Scottish Government must urgently improve the Climate Bill to further cut emissions over the next decade and commit truly transformative action including ending new oil and gas exploration in the North Sea, and delivering a just transition to a zero-carbon economy.”

Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland Chief Executive, said:

“These will be the most important international climate talks since the Paris agreement. Hosting them can be a defining moment for the UK, where we come together to set a world-changing, world-leading agenda to fix the crisis.

“But the climate emergency won’t be resolved with warm words and back-slapping. Real leadership comes through action, and the UK government must start today by deleting climate-wrecking plans for more roads, runways and fracking and putting carbon-cutting at the heart of all government policy, including overseas spending.

“If we can show how to build a nation that works for people and the planet, with warm homes, clean air and a thriving renewable industry, then we will be able to set a bold agenda globally to deal with the crisis.”