Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

UKSA celebrates first-ever Long Service Award event

UKSA has celebrated the dedication of its employees with its first Long Service Awards event, which took place recently at its Cowes headquarters.

With 100 full time employees and another 100 freelance staff during peak summer season, the UK’s leading maritime training provider rewarded staff who have completed milestones of five years, ten years, 15 years and 20 years.

UKSA CEO, Ben Willows and chair of trustees Kevin George, presented members of staff with a certificate and a gift voucher. The awards have recognised 17 members of staff who have completed five years of service, six members who have given a decade of service, five members at 15 years and five who have completed 20 years, including Ben Willows himself.

Ben Willows commented:

“Through these awards, we formally recognise the long service of our employees, their commitment and dedication to UKSA. Our family is continually growing and I am pleased to see so many individuals progress from entry-level positions to higher level positions over the years. We are one of the Isle of Wight’s biggest employers and it is our people that truly sets us apart. The long service of these employees not only demonstrates what a wonderful place it is to work, but also how fantastic the team is to work with.”

The charity also shares that it has two multi-generational employees whose children are now also working at UKSA; customer services manager Tania Veysey’s son Reece is working as a chef and head of hotel services, Mark Randerson’s son Charlie is working as an activity lead.

UKSA currently has vacancies for watersports instructors, activity leads, chefs, housekeepers, bar people, sandwich makers, Yachtmaster instructors, children’s evening entertainers, lifeguards and more.

For more information about UKSA and to find out if there’s a role for you, please visit

Full list of awards below:

Celebrating 20 years of service

  • Ben Willows

  • Lisa Brennan

  • Zoe Smith

  • Niall Clarke

Celebrating 15 years of service

  • Chris Frisby

  • Gary Kurth

  • Colin Shore

  • Tania Veysey

  • Damen Chadburn

Celebrating 10 years of service

  • Bill Tate

  • Nick Graham

  • Antony Knight

  • Morgan Strange

Celebrating 5 years of service

  • Caz Johnstone

  • Will Satterly

  • Phil Hoar

  • Alex Burgess

  • Kristina Harborne

  • Adam Wilson

  • Kelly Moses

  • Mark Randerson

  • Collette Wood

  • Lauren Saltonstall

  • Chris Penman

  • Duncan Boote

  • Kevin McSweeney

  • Terry Smith


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