Friday, 21 June 2024
UK Charity Week 2024 - Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK
Friday, 21 June 2024

#UKCharityWeek’s #ChristmasJumperDay supporting Save the Children

UK Charity Week 4th-8th December 2023
Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK

Day Four – Christmas Jumper Day, 7 December 2023

#UKCharityWeek’s #ChristmasJumperDay is a beacon of festive cheer with a philanthropic twist. This joyous occasion encourages individuals to don their most dazzling, whimsical sweaters, giving an opportunity to make a meaningful impact by supporting UK Charity Week Official Partner Charity, Save the Children, or a charity of your choosing. Get ready to embrace the magic of the season and spread warmth beyond the cosy confines of holiday knitwear.

#UKCharityWeek's #ChristmasJumperDay supporting Save the Children

What is Christmas Jumper Day?

The day is an official part of UK Charity Week’s daily themes, Christmas Jumper Day is Save the Children’s annual event that raises money for the children who need it most. Every December, millions of people across the United Kingdom (and beyond!) put on a festive knit at their workplace, school or with friends and make a donation to help give children the magical future they deserve.

Christmas Jumper Day has raised over £35 million for children in the UK and around the world!

In 2022, thanks to all the amazing people who took part in Christmas Jumper Day:

  • You raised a total of £5 million for children, including £2 million of match funding from the UK government
  • Over 2 million school children and 24,000 workplaces took part in Christmas Jumper Day last year

#UKCharityWeek's #ChristmasJumperDay supporting Save the Children

How to get involved with Christmas Jumper Day:

1. Wear Your Festive Finery:

The first step in participating in ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ is to raid your wardrobe for the most dazzling, delightful, and downright goofy Christmas jumper you can find. Whether it lights up, jingles, or features a festive feline, the more festive, the better!

2. Spread the Word:

Share your excitement about Christmas Jumper Day on social media using the hashtags #UKCharityWeek #ChristmasJumperDay. Your posts can serve as a delightful virtual parade of holiday sweaters and inspire others to join in the fun.

3. Donate to Save the Children or Your Chosen Charity:

Christmas Jumper Day is ultimately about making a difference. Consider making a donation to Save the Children, the official partner for this festive initiative, or choose a charity close to your heart. Your contribution, whether big or small, can have a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

#UKCharityWeek's #ChristmasJumperDay supporting Save the Children

4. Organise a Festive Fundraiser:

Elevate the giving spirit by organising a festive fundraiser. Host a virtual Christmas quiz, a Charity BIG Bake activity, or a ‘best Christmas jumper’ competition among friends and colleagues. The funds raised can add an extra layer of joy to the season.

5. Workplace and Community Engagement:

Encourage your workplace or community to participate collectively. Whether it’s a virtual office party or a neighbourhood gathering, fostering a sense of togetherness amplifies the impact of ‘Christmas Jumper Day.’ Consider organising activities or challenges to engage everyone in the festive fun.

Christmas Jumper Day 2023 takes place on Thursday 7 December 2023. But you can celebrate on whatever day works for you! It’s time to put on your most Christmassy jumper and help kids in the UK and around the world.

Get involved and share your posts on social media
using the hashtags #UKCharityWeek #ChristmasJumperDay

UK Charity Week 2023 Logos

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