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An Introduction to UK Charity Week (#UKCharityWeek)

#UKCharityWeek is a campaign designed to give the people of the United Kingdom an opportunity to place awareness and fundraising for charities high on the national agenda, and at a time of the year when people are statistically at their most giving.

#UKCharityWeek is always held within the first full week of December, which this year is 2nd-8th December 2019.

Whether you are an individual, a charity, a business, or a school, there is an important and exciting role for you to play throughout this fantastic week of charity!

If you are a charity…

We welcome all UK charities that are registered with either the UK, Northern Ireland or Scottish Charity Commissions to become an Official Partner Charity of #UKCharityWeek. We work with many different types of Official Partner Charities from local hospices to international humanitarian aid agencies with offices in the UK.

No UK-registered charity is left behind.


If you are a business…

#UKCharityWeek is proud to partner with some of the most charitable-minded businesses in the UK in order to help deliver the objectives of the campaign.

Working together with our various tiered-partners, we strive to develop, support and deliver the campaign in a way that is effective for everybody participating.

We offer our partners the option of three tiers of partnerships consisting of either the Bronze, Silver or Gold statuses, with Gold being the most comprehensive (non-exclusive) partner of the campaign.

Your organisation will receive numerous benefits while building team morale in the process.

Our partners will also be the first to hear about any other sponsorship opportunities that meet the aims and objectives of your organisation.

You can have so much fun, by bringing your team together and taking part in the week’s activities.



Are you a member of the public?

Whether you’re hosting a bake sale, dropping off items to your local charity shop, or running a marathon, the fundraising efforts of the public are vital to supporting our nation’s charities and causes. Push yourself to your limits, achieve an incredible personal goal and support an Official Partner Charity of #UKCharityWeek.

If you are unable to carry out an activity, then that does not stop you from taking part! Simply follow @UKCharityWeek on social media and share the posts from your favourite causes, and it costs you nothing, but raises vital awareness for the charities!


Emergency Services, Schools and Governmental Institutions

Police, Fire and Ambulances services up and down the country are encouraged to hold their fundraising and awareness activities. Many departments hold events like open days, coffee mornings, sponsored car washes and more.

Government officials at both national and local levels use their public positions and office to raise awareness of charity events, causes and community projects.

What are the statistics for #UKCharityWeek?

Statistics come in many forms, but these Twitter stats should give you an idea about the scale of the campaign, and its reach.

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