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UK Charity Week: 10 great reasons for charities and businesses to register early

Try to forget that it’s only March.

Instead, transport yourself to December and you see #UKCharityWeek trending on social media, you do what the majority do and jump on the hashtag with no plan whatsoever.

You get a few retweets and likes, but come to the end of the week you can hear yourself thinking, ‘well that was nice, but what was the point of that?’

Well, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to maximise the real opportunities presented to you by this year’s UK Charity Week campaign. In particular, those afforded to early registrants.

Okay, deep breath and let’s return to the now.

We’ve taken the opportunity to give you ten excellent reasons to register now for the campaign and to get ahead of the rest of the noise being created on social media.

1PR & Marketing

Marketing & PR guru – UK Charity Week founder Lee Rayment giving a rare insight.

A year is a long time in the world of PR and marketing. If you wait until the final months or weeks before registering your charity or business as a partner you will have missed an amazing amount of time to publicise your activities on the hugely popular Charity Today website and social media channels.

2Columnist Opportunity

A columnist has a great opportunity to say thank you and update a new audience and supporters.

Charity Today offers a limited number of its Official Partner Charities and Businesses the opportunity to become a regular contributor to the website’s Columnists section. These are offered early in the year for the year ahead. If you’re not registered and on that list that is one big opportunity that will go missing.

3Monthly Donation

Each month an Official Partner Charity is selected at random to receive a personal donation from the editor.

Every month the founder of UK Charity Week makes a personal donation to a charity week partner. If you are not registered, this opportunity is not there.


As the year progresses, more and more campaign collateral is published for use. Be the first to make use of this.


Every year the campaign organisers enrol some partner charities and businesses to take part in the marketing of UK Charity Week, opportunities include; interviews and content compilation among other things. If you are not registered at this point, you will obviously not be in the hat!

6Charity of the Year

The Charity Today Awards take place annually, however, the most prestigious of those categories is the Charity of the Year, an award that is only open to UK Charity Week official partner charities due to its eligibility criteria.


You can increase brand awareness through email marketing and from time-to-time making use of our newsletters. Brand awareness is one of the most important benefits of UK Charity Week.     

8Charity Today Radio & Charity Today TV

In addition to the Charity Today website, we have the fantastic Charity Today Radio and Charity Today TV as useful other platforms in which to promote your charity and its UK Charity Week activities throughout the year.


The opportunity to put your charity in front of 27,000 people free of charge is a rare one!

Every Friday the Charity Today Twitter account is taken over by one of our partner charities and the schedule for that is drawn up early in the year, latecomers lose this fantastic opportunity.

10Event Listing & Promotion

It takes time to plan your events and fundraising strategies

If you are planning a UK Charity Week event, or promoting an activity of any kind again, leaving it late will ensure that this is yet another missed opportunity.    

To be honest with you, there are many more reasons as well, but the morale of this story is don’t leave it late before registering!

For more information or to register as an Official Partner Charity, please click here to complete the process.

To register your business please click here.