Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

UK charity to support Kenyan school children

CARE provider Diagrama Foundation has pledged to raise vital funds for a school in Kenya.

Care provider Diagrama Foundation is committed to allowing children and adults to develop their full potential and when Beth Maina, one of their Manager’s, shared details about a school in Kenya, where the children needed healthier living conditions, nutritious food each day and access to an education, they wanted to find out more.

Wilfred Njiri, Beth’s brother who lives in Kenya, offered to visit the Rusinga Friends Spotlight School in Homa Bay, which for some children is not only a school but a home too, on a fact-finding mission.

Rusinga Friends Spotlight Academy is dedicated to providing quality education to its 217 students and wants to ensure that every student in the area gets a quality education. However, Wilfred discovered that in the short term, they need funding to provide the children with basics including food, sanitary wear to decrease the risk of infections, beds and mattresses for the new boy’s dormitory, textbooks and school uniforms. In the longer term, the school is hoping to double the number of teachers from five to ten, build fifteen permanent classrooms and acquire a school bus to transport the students who walk long distances to and from school every day.

UK charity to support Kenyan school children

David McGuire, Chief Executive. Diagrama Foundation said:

When Beth told us about the Rusinga Friends Spotlight School we knew that we wanted to find out more. Following a very successful and emotional visit by her brother Wilfred, who talked to students and teachers about life at the school and witnessed firsthand the difficulties the school faces on a daily basis we launched a campaign to raise £5,000 to ensure these children will have access to food and an education.

“Although we are a charity that relies on donations and grants to improve the lives of the adults, young people and children in our care, we cannot sit back and do nothing for these Kenyan children and we hope our friends and supporters might join us to reach our target.”

Diagrama has agreed with the team at Rusinga that the £5,000 they hope to raise, will be used for basic items to allow the children to learn every day.

To help the Diagrama Foundation raise funds for the children of Rusinga Friends Spotlight School, please visit:


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