Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

UK Charities at risk of losing over £580 Million pounds over the festive period

A new survey from leading market and consumer research agency Beautiful Insights has revealed an alarming trend for charities as 36% of consumers look to cut their charitable donations in the next three months which could see charities at risk of losing as much as £580 million.

The new data forms part of the organisation’s monthly Third Thursday research which analyses the consumer spending and charity donation habits of the nation. The most recent survey found that many expect the next three months to be financially challenging with 54% believing their finances will get significantly worse.

In fact, 10% of respondents confessed that they have already stopped all charitable support with another 26% saying they are likely to reduce the amount they give and 13% admitting they are likely to stop in the next three months.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, with most of the big charity Christmas ad campaigns now airing, over half (55%) of people believe charities should be running big Christmas TV fundraising campaigns despite the cost-of-living crisis in the UK. This jumped to 64% amongst those who were shown a charity advert prior to answering the question.

Steven Dodds, Managing Director of Beautiful Insights says of the data:

“Whilst these are undoubtedly difficult times for people, charities need to keep fundraising. This data shows that emotionally resonant campaigns add legitimacy to fundraising activity and help supporters empathise with a cause, whether or not they choose to give.”

Adam Moore, Innovation Development Manager, RSPCA said:

“At the RSPCA we recognise the difficult choices supporters face right now.  We’re working hard to make sure that the difference people make with their donation is clearer than ever, on behalf of the abandoned and neglected animals we care for.”

The data also shows that around half of the British public is set to slash its spending this year on Christmas traditions such as lights (60%), cards (51%) and presents (45%) while 30% expect to cut their charitable donations.

Dodds continued:

“Unfortunately the consumer outlook for the economy isn’t much better as 71% of people think the economy will get worse in the next 3 months and 23% predict things will get a lot worse.  Charities need to be bold and more creative than ever before to engage their donors and take them with them on their fundraising journey.  If supporters feel a sense of ownership and shared responsibility with the charities they are committed to, they are likely to stick with them for the long term.”

‘Third Thursday’ is the industry’s regular monthly ‘pulse check’ of what consumers and charity supporters think and feel about the crucial issues of the day.

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