CARD payments overtook cash payments for the first time this year, ahead of forecast. This rapid shift to digital payments being experienced across UK high streets is beginning to impact charitable donations, a trend that will accelerate.

#UKCharityWeek Official Sponsor, For Good Causes, want to enable charities, of all sizes, to embrace digital donation solutions. Their Donate by Thumb service enables consumers to scan a QR code or click a short URL to trigger a digital donation – an easy, frictionless experience. This means you can trigger a charity donation from virtually anywhere – event invites, bus stop posters, merchandise, business cards, marketing collateral – in fact anywhere you can place a sticker, or using short-code, any digital media. 

Trigger charity donations anywhere using QR Codes. Sign up for free and be live in a week

Donate by Thumb is a simple new way to donate money.  Anyone with a smartphone can easily donate any amount, to any charity, from any place, at any time.  It’s quick, simple, and secure.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Any participating charity can sign-up to use this service.
  2. For Good Causes create a unique QR code for each charity which can be printed anywhere on anything as well as a unique short URL to use for social campaigns.
  3. When anyone points their smartphone at the QR code or clicks on the short URL, they are taken to the charity’s dedicated donation page.
  4. They select how much they want to donate, and a payment is automatically processed and secured using the smartphone’s inbuilt payment technology.

That’s it!  Quick. Simple.  Secure. Convenient.

There are no set-up charges or joining fees, For Good Causes will take a small percentage (5%) of each transaction plus the standard card fees, and they can set this up within 5 working days from sign-off.

Donate by Thumb is powered by For Good Causes, a UK-based fintech that’s on a mission to make it easy for more people to donate more money to their favourite charity. They have built a powerful new web-based platform that connects charities, payment schemes, banks, brands, and consumers.

Alongside Donate by Thumb, the solutions they have introduced so far include:

  • An easy way for people to donate unused loyalty points to any UK charity – there are £7bn unused loyalty points, air miles and cashback in the UK today, think what this could do.
  • An online Charity Gift Card, that people or companies can give to anyone they like, enabling them to donate the funds to any charity.

They are building more solutions all of the time, and they are working with many of the UK’s favourite charities, brands, loyalty schemes, and employers to bring them to life.

They aim to raise £500m for UK charities within the next five years, and they’re determined to succeed.