Monday, 15 April 2024
Monday, 15 April 2024

Transforming Lives at Sreepur Village

We would like to share a story of success and a great example of how Sreepur continues to help transform lives with hope, education, independence and dignity.

At the age of 12 Parven’s mother left her at an orphanage and married another man. While Parvin was living in the orphanage she met some girls who encouraged her to go to a nearby shrine. Parven started to live there and after a few years, she met a man there whom she later married. 

After their first year of marriage, Parven gave birth to a boy but her husband stopped supporting them. Her husband, a drug dealer, was arrested for drug dealing at that time and Parven felt helpless and with no other option, she began to sell drugs so she could feed her family.  

Parven said:

“There are a lot of women selling drugs in these areas, however, it is a very difficult life.

“There have been many instances of men harassing women, inappropriately touching us and taking our pictures was a common occurrence while they looked for drugs. We didn’t tell anyone about it because we were too afraid of being accused of being a drug dealer.’’  

Parven made some money selling drugs, which she used to apply for her husband’s bail. Her second son was born in 2018 and soon after her husband was again arrested by the police for drug dealing.

Distraught and worried about her children’s bleak future, in 2019 with the help of another NGO, Parven and her two children enrolled at Sreepur Village. 

At Sreepur Village she participated in various training schemes. After completing three years of income-generating activities and learning new skills and livelihood development training, she is now working in an RMG (Ready Made Garment) factory and is living a healthy and happy life with her sons.   

She has been working at this factory for more than two months. Her eldest son is going to school and her younger son is living with her mother in her community. Parven is also about to start sack gardening, a skill she learned during her three-year stay at Sreepur. Growing her own vegetables is another source of independence and sustainability for the future.

Mr Newton, the factory Manager said:

“Parven is doing a great job, she is a good learner and very cooperative with the other workers.’’

Parven said:

“My supervisor and my other colleagues are very helpful. They correct me very gently when I make any mistake. I would love to tell other mothers at Sreepur to join this factory if possible.

“I am quite happy now and I have no communication with my husband because if I did he would insist I go back to him and I do not want to return or subject my children to this dark life.

“I feel fortunate that Sreepur Village has changed my life but still feel bad for other girls who continue to sell drugs.’’  

If you would like to help transform a mother and child’s life, like Parven’s, then please click here.


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