Wednesday, 19 June 2024
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Wednesday, 19 June 2024

Together for Animals: Three-year-old Penny

LIKE many of the animals Together for Animals members care for, three-year-old Penny had been through a lot before she was found.

Towards the end of last year, a member of the public found Penny abandoned in the woods. She had been tied to a tree and her front and hind legs had been tightly bound with blue tape, leaving her totally unable to move. Thankfully, the person who found her quickly took her to Together for Animals member Mayhew, where their Animal Welfare Officers were able to assess her and settle her down in a comfortable kennel to recuperate from her ordeal.

When vets examined Penny they discovered that she was unable to see out of her left eye, which was very swollen and obviously bothering her. Following detailed investigations and discussions, the team decided to remove the blind eye in order to make her more comfortable, and thankfully she recovered and adapted quickly after the operation.

Despite all the trauma Penny has been through, with the love and care of Mayhew’s team, Penny gradually gained back her confidence and became the dog she was always meant to be. Now healthy and full of energy, she is incredibly affectionate and always enjoys a cuddle. Penny loves nothing more than curling up on the sofa and resting her head on the nearest lap.

Lisa, Head of Kennels, Dog Adoption and Fostering said:

“Penny loves being with people, which is surprising given the circumstances in which she was found. She was very nervous when she first arrived, but her confidence grew while with us and she’s shown herself to be a very affectionate and playful dog.

“We suspect Penny wasn’t used to living in a home environment and she hadn’t had any training, but she responded well to training by our Kennels team. We’re extremely happy that she will benefit from being in a home with new owners who can spend time with her and care for her in a way that she truly deserves.”

Once Mayhew’s animal experts saw that Penny was ready to find her forever home, she was put up for adoption. Although she had to wait several months for her new owner to come along, we are pleased to say that Penny is now reserved and will soon be on her way home to her new loving family.

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