Sadly every year thousands of animals suffer from cruelty, neglect, or illness.
In 2002 the Assisi Animals Charity Foundation – now known as Together for Animals – was set up to help address the issues facing animals around the world.

A consortium of five animal welfare charities, Together for Animals raises much-needed funds to support the vital work of its members who work to save the lives of pets and working animals. Because of the kind support and donations we receive, we are able to help change the lives of cats, dogs, donkeys, and horses by:

  • Fighting to ensure animals receive the respect and kindness they deserve
  • Finding happy homes for abandoned or unwanted pets and horses
  • Campaigning for animal welfare
  • Providing free veterinary care for animals in the world’s poorest communities
  • Researching and treatment disease and injury in animals.

Each year the funds we raise help rescue and rehome 10,000 unwanted, abandoned, or neglected animals in need.

Together For Animals: No animal should suffer from injury, disease, abuse or neglect

In the UK and abroad, in some of the world’s poorest communities, we are helping to provide life-saving veterinary treatment to 340,000 saving these animals from suffering when owners struggle to afford the treatment their animals need.

As well as caring for animals’ immediate and urgent needs, the funds we raise support improving their long term futures – helping teach 200,000 people each year compassion and the proper care for animals, and help to research and develop a better diagnosis, prevention and cures of disease and injury.

Supporting Together for Animals is an easy and effective way of helping a variety of animals in need, making a difference to their lives, now and in the future. Your donations are equally shared between all five charities, who receive no government funding and are totally dependent on the generosity of people like you:

  • Animal Health Trust – exists to fight disease and injury in animals. Thanks to their pioneering work improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention, horses, dogs and cats are living healthier, happier lives.
  • Blue Cross – Find happy homes for abandoned or unwanted pets and keep pets healthy by promoting welfare and providing treatment.
  • Mayhew – situated in North West London, Mayhew is working to improve the lives of dogs, cats and communities in the UK and internationally.
  • SPANA – The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad provides free veterinary care for working animals in the world’s poorest communities, and works with animal owners and children to ensure these animals are with the respect and kindness they deserve.
  • World Horse Welfare – An international horse charity that improves the lives of horses in the UK and around the world through education, campaigning, and hands-on care.

Together For Animals: No animal should suffer from injury, disease, abuse or neglect

Every cat, dog, donkey and horse helped is dependent upon donations from people who share our love of animals and want to make a real difference to the lives of thousands of animals – now and in the future.

Animals contribute so much to our mental and physical wellbeing. By working together we are ensuring that they can enjoy happier, healthier lives.

Find out more about our work and how you can help us save pets and working animals from a life of disease, neglect and abuse on our website –