Monday, 15 April 2024
Monday, 15 April 2024

Together for Animals: 14 Ponies rescued

DECEMBER 2021 proved to be particularly busy with new arrivals at our member World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre, which welcomed 14 little Welsh ponies on the 13th of December.

The group came from a very sad situation – their owner had passed away and the family was unable to provide the appropriate care for a rather large number of ponies. Working in collaboration with several other welfare organisations, World Horse Welfare got the ponies removed to safety before the situation could deteriorate.

Penny Farm groom Lauren said:

“The 14 in this group proved to be a real mixture, from foals just a few months old to ponies in their late teens, and almost all unhandled. We’re making progress with all of them, working with each pony at their own pace – the more curious, confident ones tend to come along much faster.

“One of the ponies I care for is a youngster known as little Basil (to distinguish him from a much larger horse currently on the farm also called Basil). He’s doing so well – after less than two months he’s leading well and happy to be brushed and have his feet picked out. He’s seen the farrier and behaved perfectly, which I was proud of.

“He just loves people – he comes running over to see me when I go to catch him and is quite happy hanging out in a stable with his head over the door, watching what’s happening in the yard. I think he’s going to develop into a real little character – someone will be very lucky to rehome him when he’s ready.”

Together for Animals: 14 Ponies rescued
Little Basil and Lauren.

World Horse Welfare rehomed a record total of 378 horses and ponies in 2021. This smashes the previous record of 357 rehomed in 2020 and continues a positive trend of more people offering horses and ponies a new home and a new life.

Thanks to your support our members can provide the love and care animals need while they find their new homes.


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