Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Time to Spare – helping charities to reopen safely

SOCIAL enterprise Time to Spare is offering its GDPR compliant track and trace tool for free, to help charities securely record visitor details.

Why track and trace is paramount in protecting the third sector

The government has issued guidelines asking community spaces to keep an accurate record of all visitor details for 21 days. We want to help community venues do this safely and effortlessly, to assist NHS contact tracers and prevent a second outbreak. 

Community venues are often spaces which cater to those in need of tailored support, guidance and advice. The charity sector has to navigate the reintegration of these groups, who are often more vulnerable, back into society. We want these beneficiaries, that rely so heavily on services resuming, to be welcomed back in a safe and sustainable way, and feel confident to re-enter public spaces. 

This means having the necessary tools to reassure service users that service providers are prioritising their safety and wellbeing. 

Feel more in control with Time to Spare

Time to Spare: track and trace helps you to easily and responsibly keep track of who has visited your space and the duration of their visit. There’s no app to download, no QR code to scan, and if your visitors are less digitally inclined, a member of staff can easily do it all for them. All the information is stored securely for 21 days before being automatically deleted to comply with the GDPR protocols. Within the 21 day period, regular attendees need only enter their details once, and can just be checked in and out. 

It requires just one device on-site, helping organisations to steer clear of the physical hazards of exchanging pen and paper, and saving a dedicated admin team the hassle of sifting through reams of paper to find the relevant contact details. 

Each visitor enters their name, contact number and location (or activity/session if applicable) they are attending. On departure, a member of staff signs them out. This stores the corresponding time stamps for both entry and exit. Should a request for information be made, the account owner can filter by date, search the name of the person in question and generate a list of everyone on the premises within the same time period. The respective contact details can then be shared with NHS contact tracers.

Get in touch via if you’re looking for a robust track and trace system and we can discuss the best solution for you.

More about Time to Spare

Time to Spare has existed since 2018 to make monitoring and reporting for charities less painful and remove the laborious task of compiling multiple reports for various funders, where each funder has different requirements. Rather than spending hours decrypting excel spreadsheets, Time to Spare provides live reports which track the effectiveness of service delivery based on beneficiaries’ simple demographic data. 

As data is live updated, a charity can analyse the insights at any time, restoring a sense of control over service delivery. This means isolating programmes to see their individual impact as well as breaking down service users by category to understand more about outreach, diversity and whether the target groups are as expected. 

Alongside this, Time to Spare offers a volunteer matching tool. With the success of their Furlough Go initiative, which matches skilled charity employees on furlough with organisations in need of volunteer support, they are introducing ‘volunteer passports’ to complement the more transparent and informal volunteering landscape that now exists. These document a volunteer’s skills, experience and previous placements, allowing organisations to better connect with volunteers as well as collaborate more effectively with other organisations in skill-sharing.

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