Saturday, 25 May 2024
Saturday, 25 May 2024

Thrill-seekers wanted to take on once in a lifetime challenge to support sick children

THE iDrop is back in 2022 and Rockinghorse Children’s Charity is looking for thrill-seekers to take on this once in a lifetime challenge to support sick children in Sussex. 

The drop will take place on Wednesday 6 July when you can take in the glorious early evening views across Brighton and the South Downs from the top of the i360. Participants will ascend in the beautiful glass pod to the top of the tower where they will be fitted with safety harnesses and then lowered mechanically from the open pod doors at 450ft.

The iDrop challenge will be operated by the British Airways i360 and places are limited to just 30 people, over two flights, each of whom pledges to raise the minimum £300 in sponsorship for Rockinghorse. 

The British Airways i360 located on Brighton seafront is the world’s tallest moving observation tower, but not many people are in the position to say that they have abseiled from the top of it.

The charity’s Superhero iDrop last year, one of the few events they were able to hold, raised over £16,000 with participants from across Sussex, including BBC Radio Sussex presenter Allison Ferns, who braved the drop despite having a great fear of heights.

Thrill-seekers wanted to take on once in a lifetime challenge to support sick children
Allison Ferns preparing for the iDrop

Allison’s producer Will Flockton nominated her for the event and after landing safely back on the ground, Allison described her experience: 

“It was actually really emotional. There may have been a few tears at the top. I may have wanted my mum at the top. But then once you’re going down – it’s so smooth. And it’s such an amazing view, it was actually quite serene and tranquil. And you know what, I would do it again!

Despite her initial concerns, Allison really enjoyed herself. She said:

“I feel amazing. I never thought I would ever in my wildest dreams that I would be the person to do this. I’m the one who holds the coat at theme parks. I’m the one who couldn’t face the helter-skelter. But I did it and it was amazing and if it raises some money for the Rockinghorse charity then it’s been all worthwhile.”

Through this challenge, Rockinghorse is aiming to raise £12,000, which will be used to fund a range of projects that support children and young people. They are also offering a prize for the top individual fundraiser so it’s worth encouraging your friends and family to donate. 

Thrill-seekers wanted to take on once in a lifetime challenge to support sick children

Emma Cunliffe, Supporter Engagement Manager at Rockinghorse, said:

“It’s brilliant to see the return of our ever-popular Superhero iDrop this July. It’s always such a great event where our supporters do something that’s often out of their comfort zone, all to help raise money for their local children’s charity.

“This is a great individual challenge or team-building exercise, and we can’t wait to see all the heroes lining up to take flight!”

So, if you’re looking for something fun to do with friends and colleagues, or perhaps you want to make it a personal challenge, why not sign up for a place now? It will cost £50 to register as an individual or if you sign up as a team of four, the fee is reduced by 10% to £180. 

If you would like to take part, and you feel confident that you can raise the minimum sponsorship required, you simply need to fill out the application form on the events section of the Rockinghorse website at: 

For further questions about the iDrop, please contact our Emma on 01273 330044 or email:


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