Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

Three months FREE use of cloud telecoms solution for charities

CIRCLELOOP are delighted to become an Official Silver Partner of UK Charity Week supporting the core values that have shaped its success; integrity, respect, teamwork, honesty and communication.

Over the last nine months, CircleLoop has helped ease communication pressures experienced by hundreds of charities and local support groups in the UK. By using their cloud-based telephone system, these charities and groups have been able to continue to work remotely, meaning they were still able to provide support to the people that needed them most, in the most challenging circumstances. 

One local community group they’d like to tell you about is Isolation Help Bexley – a group of volunteers that came together during the pandemic to provide support for elderly and vulnerable people in the London Borough of Bexley.

After just over two months, every household in the area had received a leaflet providing information about the service. And they had over 800 residents volunteering their time to help support those who were isolated. Incredible.

CircleLoop provided IHB with a phone system that was implemented across the army of IBH volunteers on their own devices. Any resident that needed help rang one number, and that same number was assigned to multiple devices. Meaning that calls were far more likely to be answered.

IHB utilised many of their features, but one that was particularly useful was the SMS function. It allowed the group to communicate with those whose hearing was impaired – ensuring no was left out.

CircleLoop is really pleased they can continue to help IHB help others.

A few reasons for you to also try CircleLoop

Three months FREE use of their cloud telecoms solution

CircleLoop is offering all UK charities the chance to use their product to enable home working quickly and cost-effectively. Their internet-based phone system can be live in a matter of minutes, following completion of a short online form, with no card or payment details required. 

Be there no matter the time of day

Set the days and times you are available to speak to people, route calls to another team member out of hours. Customise your voicemail options to relay information and keep charity users informed outside of working hours.

CircleLoop’s international numbers option also allows you a local presence in over 50 countries worldwide.

Listen back to calls with their call recording feature

Every call is important, it can be difficult to remember every detail as its being relayed to you. Their call recording feature records all users’ calls.

Listen, download and share recordings internally.

Instantly add more users and more numbers at peak times

During busy periods CircleLoop users can instantly add more users from £5.00 per month and update team and menu options instantly.


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