Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Wednesday, 29 May 2024

TheGivingMachine: Positivity right now

Written by Richard – CEO TheGivingMachine

I’ve made it a habit to read books and articles on the power of the mind for some time. As an engineer, I’m fascinated by the potential convergence of the scientific world and the more mystical world that many of our forebears in cultures across the globe describe.

One aspect that keeps cropping up is the amazing power of our minds to change our own reality and the proof that stares us in the face but we look away because it does not seem to ‘fit’ with the way most of us have been taught to look at the world.

Imagine you are watching a horror film and as the music builds and the victim is surprised by… well, we know how that goes but what happens to us? We see images that we know are not real but our brain interprets these and causes chemicals to be released into our body to prepare for fight or flight, our heart rate increases, we break into a sweat.

When we remember an embarrassing episode, we can blush again at the thought of it. Our physiological reality is affected by what we think of. Yet the power of mindfulness and mediation to provide the opposite effects of nurturing and healing is still seen by some as hokus pokus.

TheGivingMachine: Positivity right now

Perhaps the most definitive proof is in drug trials where companies have to prove that drugs are more effective than just placebos enabling subjects to rely only on belief that they are receiving treatment. The efficacy of just believing you are going to get better is well documented and I’ve even read that there have been moves to try and screen out ‘positive thinkers’ because they skew the trial results.

So if your belief system affects your physical wellbeing, it’s not much of a stretch to consider it will affect your interaction with the world and the world’s interaction with you. From there, it’s not much of a stretch to accept that our collective beliefs affect our businesses, our families, our communities.

We are living through unprecedented times but then so have many others through history. Seeing commonalities vs. differences, seeing opportunities vs. challenges is a choice we can make but more importantly help others to see and feel that along with the mental and physical health benefits that come with that. The next period of time may be really, really tough for many people due to the after-effects of COVID-19 and its impact on our economies and our communities but we are in this together and we can help each other.

Reach out to your friends, family and colleagues to check in on them. If you have positive energy to share, then share it. If not, spend time on yourself and find a method that works for you to feel happier. Seek opportunities to have a laugh – it really is the best medicine! Accept the support and attention offered by others – we all need that from time to time and it helps the giver too!

Thanks for being the brilliant people you are and stay safe, stay positive.


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