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TheGivingMachine explain why they wanted to sponsor #UKCharityWeek

Founder and CEO of @TheGivingMachine Richard Morris explains:

“We wanted to work in partnership with Charity Today for #UKCharityWeek as their mission seems very much in parallel to ours – that we want to help the many amazing good causes that work so hard to improve our communities and addressing difficult social, environmental and health issues. By working together we can have an even bigger positive impact on those that need it most.

“At TheGivingMachine we know that all good causes matter and those thriving communities are built on a giving and supportive philosophy. In an ideal world, we’d love everyone to be able to experience the positive impact giving has, not only on the communities and organisations that are important to them but also the positive personal impact on themselves. Countless studies show that our own personal happiness is related to the number and depth of meaningful relationships we have with others along with an altruistic, giving outlook.

“Our charity enjoys benefitting good causes throughout the UK, and we have thousands registered on our site, from large charities such as Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation to schools, scout groups and small community organisations. They all matter and we want to help them via our shopping platform on TheGivingMachine and our GivingLottery platform.

“Being involved with #UKCharityWeek in previous years we have seen how they work to bring charities together, to champion and celebrate the thousands of people out there doing good things for their community. To place a spotlight on fundraising and charity. This fits so closely to what we are passionate about as a team, it was a ‘no brainer’ to partner with them this year and to get as many great causes and people as possible involved in this wonderful annual campaign.”