Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

The Workforce Development Trust publishes annual impact report

THE Workforce Development Trust has published its annual impact report covering the year to 30th September 2022.

The report demonstrates that the charity, which is the parent organisation of Skills for Health, Skills for Justice, SFJ Awards and People 1st International, has been successful in its mission to improve lives through better skills, better jobs and better services.

In the space of twelve months, the Trust’s group of companies has worked with over 1000 public and private sector companies to upskill 160,000+ workers, including doctors, police, firefighters and nurses, across the UK and abroad.

Over the same period, the group has led the review and development of more than 250 programmes, qualifications, frameworks and professional standards to improve the delivery of frontline public services.

Notable social impacts of The Workforce Development Trust’s activity this year include the rapid delivery of the Covid-19 vaccination booster programme and equipping the Mayoral Office for Policing and Crime in London with valuable data to reduce levels of violent crime.

In economic terms, The Workforce Development Trust has facilitated the creation of 24,000 jobs in healthcare alone as well as spurring economic recovery of the services sector across Latin America following Covid-19.

John Rogers, Chief Executive of The Workforce Development Trust commented:

“Our 2021/22 impact report is a glimpse into the many ways that we support the skills development of individuals and teams across a broad range of sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

“I would like to thank colleagues across the group for everything they have achieved. The results this year are impressive, demonstrating what is possible when you have the right vision and team in place.

“We advance into 2022/23 with optimism and pride, and with clearly defined objectives that will drive forward our vision of improving lives through better skills and better jobs delivering better services.”

View the FY2021/22 Impact Report in full here.


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