This May and following International Workers Day, we would like to share with you the role of one of the key members of staff here at The Sreepur Village.

“My name is Rhamat Ali and I am head of security at The Sreepur Village. I come from the north of Bangladesh. I have been working at The Sreepur Village for twenty years and I am proud to be a part of this organisation because they are bringing hope and empowerment to destitute mothers and their children. I think this is good work for our society as well as our planet.

“It is a very hard job to protect children, but all the time we are aware of the dangers and obstacles and therefore we always make sure that we are on guard 24 hours – seven days a week.

“As the head of security, I feel a huge responsibility for the safety of every mother, child and member of staff living at The Sreepur Village and sometimes it is very difficult to wake up in the middle of the night but we do because we believe safety comes first. With the job comes both mental and physical pressures but knowing that we are protecting the lives of more than 150 mothers and 450 vulnerable children is why I’m proud to work as The Sreepur Village’s head of security.”