The Sreepur Village: Mohela’s #BalanceforBetter story

Following on from this year’s International Women’s Day, we would like to share with you the success story of Mohela. Mohela and her husband used to live in Partakhata, Chilmari, along with their daughter. However, when their daughter turned two, Mohela’s husband got married to another woman, leaving them to fend for themselves, where they struggled daily to survive.

Mohela heard about The Sreepur Village (Shishu Polli Plus) from a neighbour, and in 2001 she made the decision to go there but she had no money, so she had to borrow some so she could afford the journey to the village. When Mohela arrived she only had two takas (2 pennies) in her bag. She stayed in The Sreepur Village for a total of five years where she received training in tailoring and sewing.

The Sreepur Village: Mohela’s #BalanceforBetter story

After her five years, she returned to her community and started to earn an income by tailoring. When she proved she could support and provide for her family by her own means, the local village people appreciated her income-generating activities and started to ask her if she would train them. Mohela used to give training to more than 20 mothers at a time.

Following the success of her training others, she extended her business and started to sell clothes from her own tailoring shop, where she reaped more benefits, eventually being able to afford land where she built her own house. Following this, Mohela leased agricultural land, which she then began to cultivate.

Mohela’s story of success is not limited to just her and her thriving business. Mohela’s daughter completed grade five at The Sreepur Village, and then enrolled in grade six in a local community school, where she achieved level GPA- 5 in her Secondary School certificate examination which took her to Upazila College, where she also achieved GPA-5.  Following her studies, Mohela’s daughter, with the help of The Sreepur Village, got a good job in Le Meridian Dhaka. She has since been awarded twice for her work performance, besides that, she has been continuing her graduation degree from a Public University, called Jagannath University, Dhaka.

Eighteen years later, Mohela has a steady financial income where she earns 20,000 takas a month and her daughter 30,000 takas per month. Last year, Mohela leased some agriculture land by 4 lac taka and now she is planning to buy a house in Gazipur for her daughter’s future.

When Mohela was talking to us about her success story, she became emotional, expressing her gratefulness to The Sreepur Village, as without their assistance, she said, it would have been impossible for her and her daughter to be where there were today.

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The Sreepur Village: Mohela’s #BalanceforBetter story

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