The Sreepur Village, a charity that empowers women from Bangladesh’s poorest communities, and Rachel Vosper, one of the UK’s leading female Chandlers have joined forces to help more families in Bangladesh light the way to a brighter future.

The Sreepur Village: Lighting the way to a brighter future…

Launching in February 2019, ‘Sreepur’ by Rachel Vosper is a luxury candle that is being created to mark the 30th anniversary of The Sreepur Village, a charity that has, for more than a quarter of a century, believed that poverty should not separate children from their mothers, and in doing so continues to offer an alternative to institutional care by providing a home and life-saving services to women and children for up to three years.  During this time, The Sreepur Village focuses heavily on education, healthcare, nutrition and training like candle making, a skill which is transferable so that many more women can feel empowered in their own communities and earn a regular income so that their families can move away from a past of poverty and fear. To learn more about this please visit:

Rachel Vosper works closely with some of the world’s most exclusive and noteworthy brands including The Dover Street Arts Club, David Collins Studio, The Berkeley Hotel, Virgin Atlantic as well as notable royals.  For Rachel Vosper, her involvement with The Sreepur Village charity is of utmost importance because as we all know candles are a luxury, but in Bangladesh, this is not the case, there they are a necessity as people use them if they don’t have any electricity – which accounts for thousands and thousands of families.

‘Sreepur’ by Rachel Vosper, is scented with sandalwood and cedarwood, fragrances that have been expertly selected because of their association with Bangladesh as well as their calming properties.  The candles are designed, created and hand-poured by Rachel and her team in a boutique in Belgravia, London.  Each candle costs £30 and is packaged in an eco-friendly and Fairtrade box, made of jute by the women of The Sreepur Village.

For every candle sold, 50% of the proceeds will go towards training more women in candle-making, empowering their lives beyond The Sreepur Village so that more families are able to light the way to a brighter future.

To pre-order your candle please contact Emma on 0208 658 7585 or email