To mark International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, The Sreepur Village is bowled over with excitement as more girls love to play cricket, empowering themselves for the future through sport.

The Sreepur Village has been working with impoverished women & children since 1989, and to continue to enhance life skills, raise awareness on rights and legal issues and to improve livelihood, The Sreepur Village has introduced a Sreepur Girls Cricket Programme, empowering rural girls through sport.

The Sreepur Village: Girls cricket programme introduced

In the programme, there are six teams including The Sreepur Village Team. At first, The Sreepur Village arranged a workshop with the local schools’ head teachers and then they selected their teams. We organised some practice sessions and focused heavily on training and getting the girls prepared to play a cricket match, for some this was their first ever match. Now, all of these school teams are successfully participating in our cricket programme.

“My name is Jarin Sultan. I study at Telihati High School. I am 16 years old and I have been given the opportunity to play in this tournament as part of my school. I am so excited about this tournament. As we live in a rural area, we face many problems, the majority of people that live here are illiterate and they think that cricket is a game for men and that women can’t play cricket because they are not strong enough like men.

The Sreepur Village: Girls cricket programme introduced“I have been playing cricket since 2017 and have come against many obstacles. At first, my father didn’t accept that I wanted to play cricket matches outside of my village, but it is thanks to The Sreepur Village that I was given this opportunity to participate in such a wonderful tournament.”

“My name is Mushfica Rehman Lia. I am in year 8 at Kobi Nazrul School. I first played cricket while living at The Sreepur Village. That was the start of my amazing journey. My mother has always inspired me to play cricket so, if The Sreepur Village can arrange such a tournament every year then we can have the opportunity to play, otherwise, we can’t. I hope The Sreepur Village are able to arrange this type of tournament every year.”