The Sreepur Village strongly believes that poverty should not separate children from their mothers, and in doing so offers an alternative to institutional care. We provide women and children from Bangladesh’s poorest communities with a home and life-saving services for up to three years.

With millions of people in Bangladesh facing food insecurity, our focus on nutrition is of utmost importance. In times of scarcity, it is women who make the sacrifice in food consumption in favour of children, and with female-headed households being vulnerable to poverty, it can be difficult for mothers to ensure that they and their children are well-nourished.

We are equipping 150 mothers with nutritional knowledge, from the ground up, and will be teaching them the cost-effectiveness of using seasonal fruit and vegetables and cheaper proteins; this will include money management, leadership training, confidence building and motivational training. We aim to empower our mothers with enough nutritional knowledge so that on returning to their communities they will have the confidence to share with others all the benefits of healthy eating. With donations, we can teach women about the importance of food preparation and more importantly on the value of proper nutrition and how making the right ingredient choices can have a healthy impact on their wellbeing.

As part of this nutritional programme, we will be providing regular agricultural classes to 150 mothers putting particular focus on growing vegetables in rice sacks as this can be done anywhere and in limited space which is instrumental when you take into consideration, the influence climate conditions have on many rural villages. Teaching women how to rear animals and to introduce the concept of ‘rainbow gardens’, which indicates the nutrients of each colour of a fruit or vegetable, are also essential ways in tackling poverty and malnutrition. Support us today, and we will keep feeding more families with hope for a brighter future.

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