The Sreepur Village: Every woman day

Just recently it was Every Woman Day but in The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh, every day is Women’s Day.

Here is a story of one woman’s journey to empowerment…

The Sreepur Village: Every woman day

‘I am Rita and I come from the notoriously poor char area in northern Bangladesh. I have one child and when my husband left me, about five years ago, I struggled to look after myself let alone my child. One day I heard about The Sreepur village, so I decided to go there.

‘My journey to empowerment started in 2018 but before I arrived at The Sreepur Village I was unable to communicate very well but now thanks to a number of empowering training schemes like the agriculture and literacy programme, I am able to learn new skills as well as read, write and interact with others.

‘I want to forget about my past and because of The Sreepur Village I am able to do this, and I am proud to say that now I have finally recovered from my traumatic past. I now feel free and happy. I have always wanted to be independent and self-sufficient and in 2021 when I leave The Sreepur Village I plan to make a small farm in my house. I hope I can do it properly. Everyone, please pray for me so that I can fulfil my dreams.’

The Sreepur Village: Every woman day

You can support women like Rita by wearing one of our enamel Sreepur pins. For every pin sold, the proceeds will go to empowering more vulnerable women not just today but every day.

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