Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Wednesday, 29 May 2024

The Sreepur Village: Empowering Women through British Asian arts

In conjunction with The British Council, The Sreepur Village and Sampad, a South Asian arts organisation based in the UK are #transformingnarratives by digitally collaborating their unheard voices in Bangladesh and Birmingham through the power of British Asian arts.

A group of mothers living in The Sreepur Village will, over the course of six sessions, be given the opportunity to connect via Zoom with a group of women from Sampad in Birmingham. Through the power of arts and heritage, these mothers will be taught new skills in which they can amplify their voices and build upon their confidence. 

This digital collaboration between the two charity’s will enable women from different countries to share their skills in traditional and urban Bengali craft making while at the same time appreciating their cultural similarities and differences.

Through Shakti, which means the feminine power of energy, more women will be empowered with the tools in which to carry on a creative tradition, passing it on to their children and local communities.

The Sreepur Village: Empowering Women through British Asian artsThe first session was held on Monday 14th September and was led by Sampad who, via Zoom from Birmingham, focused on teaching a group of mothers living in The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh, the Bengali craft of mirror work. A number of sessions, six in total, will be spread out throughout September, October and November and you can follow these on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram @sreepursampadshakti


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