The Sreepur Village: COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Our single mothers and children are at risk. We need your help to put measures in place. Please donate to Sreepur Village’s Coronavirus Emergency Appeal to help protect our children, single mothers and staff in Bangladesh.

1) Emergency preparation

  • Basic necessities: e.g. extra stocks of soap, face masks, hand sanitiser, detergents, disinfectant sprays, dry food stocks, medicines, thermometers, extra clothing and bedding, extra toilet paper/tissues, menstrual hygiene kits
  • Isolation tents and beds for families with symptoms to be kept apart from others
  • Communications e.g. additional routers for internet
  • Energy e.g. additional solar panels, emergency generator
  • Transport costs: e.g. petrol costs or private car for essential travel only
  • Income-generating activities training for the mothers in small groups

2) A fund for former Sreepur Village mothers and older children who have lost their jobs in garments factories

We estimate that some mothers and older children that Sreepur Village trained to become garments factory workers will lose their jobs as factories close. We aim to provide these families with a small one-off payment to help them survive until the factories re-open, or until they can find new work.

3) Post-Coronavirus activities

  • School, clinic, a night shelter for homeless girls in Dhaka
  • Psychological services for mothers and children
  • Continued income-generating activities and literacy training for the mothers

About Sreepur Village

The Sreepur Village is a purpose-built community 50km from Dhaka in rural Bangladesh that was established in 1989. We provide a refuge and safe haven for poverty-stricken single mothers and their children where they can live for up to three years, whilst being equipped with crucial livelihood skills and knowledge to provide for themselves and their families over the long-term future. At any one time, Sreepur Village provides approximately 150 single mothers and 350 children aged 0-10 with basic needs (such as shelter and food) and a secure and loving environment. For over 30 years we have directly supported over 6,000 destitute single mothers and children to break out of the cycle of poverty and towards financial independence and touched the lives of tens of thousands more, all across Bangladesh.