Thursday, 18 July 2024
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Thursday, 18 July 2024

The Sreepur Village: An app-ortunity for mothers all over Bangladesh

THE Sreepur Village is a UK-based charity that runs and funds a village in Bangladesh for mothers and their children.

Strongly believing that poverty should not tear children from their mothers, Sreepur Village provides 500 mothers and children with a place that they can call home and where, for three years, their lives are transformed with educational and vocational skills and income-generating activities.

When the world was in lockdown for well over a year and emphasis was put on everything DIGITAL be it home school learning, online counselling, a doctors appointment, or a business meeting, the Sreepur Village realised how having a digital presence in the form of an App could have a bigger impact on transforming the lives of not only the mothers living in the village but for thousands of other mothers and women in rural villages who, without access to technology, could easily be excluded and left behind.

Using Today’s Technology for Tomorrow’s Opportunity, you could say the Sreepur App will be an extension of the village in that it will expand on what our mothers have achieved and will continue to help them remotely access support in vocational skills like sack gardening, weaving and tailoring.

The Sreepur Village: An app-ortunity for mothers all over Bangladesh
Sreepur Village App

Our Sreepur App will also enable mothers to manage their mobile banking, having to avoid leaving money at home or travelling miles to the nearest bank. More mothers will be able to receive online educational tools for distance learning as well as access healthcare advice, things that we often take for granted but for single mothers living in rural Bangladesh these are more than often financially inaccessible or too far to access from a remote village. 

By launching a Sreepur App we will be able to help reach and transform the lives of many more women in underprivileged isolated communities which is vital during a pandemic like COVID-19.


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