Tea is the most popular beverage all over Bangladesh.  It is, in fact, a Bengali tradition that when guests visit someone’s house they are immediately invited to drink tea. One of our mother’s in The Sreepur Village told us that drinking tea is an integral part of her culture and being able to do this while chatting with a friend is really good for the soul.

The Sreepur Village: A Thirst for Chari-TEA…As with the United Kingdom, there are a wealth of teas to choose from in Bangladesh, but there the most popular tea is black tea or ‘raw’ tea as it is often called. Most people like to take this tea one cup after another and often add sugar, ginger, mint or lemon to increase its flavour. Black tea has lots of health benefits, one of which is its antioxidant properties which can help to reduce heart problems.

Recently, two countries, Bangladesh and the United Kingdom, celebrated one Chari-TEA. While Natalie from the UK fundraising office hosted the first ever Sreepur Chari-TEA in her home in Kent, the mothers of the Sreepur Village also hosted their own tea in the Sreepur Village, Bangladesh.

The Sreepur Chari-TEA was set up so that women could get together and share their stories.  For every woman in The Sreepur Village and the UK their story is different, and by hosting an afternoon Chari-TEA, each and every woman can share what they have been through and, together, look forward to a bright and positive future.

The Sreepur Village: A Thirst for Chari-TEA…Natalie told us, “It was a wonderful opportunity for me to talk about The Sreepur Village as most of the women that came had never heard about the charity before. Hearing stories of the women and children in Bangladesh inspired everyone to share theirs.”

So far, a Sreepur Chari-TEA has been hosted in Kent, Surrey and Leeds.  Not only is it an opportunity to bring women and their stories together but it is also a chance to see and buy some of the handmade products that the women of The Sreepur Village have created.  From silk, cotton and wool scarves to all-occasion cards made out of jute, each and every product is 100% Fairtrade registered and eco-friendly and uses only natural dyes from locally sourced plants and vegetables. All of the proceeds from the sale of these items go directly back to empowering the women that made them.

If you would like to host your very own Sreepur Chari-TEA then please email natalie@sreepurvillage.org