Kerwin Court - ABIWeek
Each year in May, Action for Brain Injury Week takes place. Launched by the brain injury charity Headway, the national campaign aims to raise awareness of brain injury and give a voice to those affected.

Here, at The Disabilities Trust, the week offers an opportunity to share with supporters about our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) services and the individuals receiving rehabilitation in them.

BIRT is a division of The Disabilities Trust and the means by which we provide our brain injury services. We support people with disabilities resulting from brain injury including traumatic brain injury and stroke, and we aim to enable our service users to participate in life as fully as possible and to enjoy as much independence as they can.

Many of the people we support marked Action for Brain Injury Week with activities and events at their service.

Kerwin Court – ABIWeek

Kerwin Court in Horsham ended the week with an afternoon tea and fundraiser. In the lead-up, the service had been a hive of activity with the baking of cakes, creation of greeting cards and potting of plants. These tasks offered many of the service users an additional opportunity to work on personal goals in their rehabilitation such as domestic skills. The event was donations only for the baked and artistic goods, with service users from Kerwin Court choosing for all money raised to go towards Phoenix Stroke Club.

Inspiration Tree

Elsewhere, at Daniel Yorath House, one of our BIRT services in Leeds, service users celebrated the campaign week by opening an ‘Inspiration Tree’. The tree is in the grounds of the service and has been embellished with bunting and rocks all decorated by service users with inspirational words and images. The project has been an enjoyable joint effort between the people at Daniel Yorath House, with the goal to create a focal point that everyone has access to and can be inspired at.

At the BIRT centre for Wales, there were an array of activities throughout the week including a BBQ for the people supported there and their family and friends, soundtracked by the fantastic Swansea Ukulele Band. There was also a group music therapy session featuring songs by David Bowie, Bob Marley and Take That.

Inspiration Tree

Over in Ely, a local journalist visited Fen House during Action for Brain Injury Week after it was awarded Ely Hero Award’s chosen charity for the year. She enjoyed her visit, describing the service as ‘an inspiring place of compassion, care and courage.’