Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Wednesday, 29 May 2024

The Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton drives giving with contactless payments

DONA Donations (Dona), a provider of contactless card donation terminals and online donation software for charity fundraising, has announced that The Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton has benefitted from Dona’s contactless payment fundraising strategy. The diocese acquired sixty-six of Dona’s Digital Collection Devices in 2019; they are being used within 44 parishes.

Since working with Dona in 2019, ‘Arundel and Brighton’ has received, and transacted, over £650,000 with Dona’s technology. The average card donation transacted on Digital Collection Devices (donation terminals) is approximately £11.92; the average card donation transacted across both Digital Collection Devices and donation webpages is £13.22; and the average Gift Aid donation was £14.50. Dona’s donation terminals have also been used for Gift Aid registrations, Parish Office/Shop transactions, and for donations to third-party charities.

Patricia Wrightson, Diocesan Gift Aid Coordinator, The Catholic Diocese of Arundel & Brighton said:

“The use of contactless payments is on a steady increase in the UK and globally. Our diocese is benefiting from using Dona’s technology by providing parishioners within our parishes, and visitors to Arundel Cathedral,  with the option of supporting the work, and mission of the Church, in an easy and modern way using contactless payment donations without the need to hunt for cash; which a high proportion of people generally don’t carry around much today.”

“We typically place Dona’s Digital Collection Devices at the entrance or exits of our churches and buildings, to enable giving in a way that allows people to donate without disrupting the flow of a church service. Other uses of the Digital Collection Plate include when using a votive candle, which is more secure than a collection box, which can be prone to theft; hall and car park hire; ‘fish-and-chip’ suppers; parish shops and fund-raising for third-party charities.”

“This technology is relatively easy to use, and for our parish staff or volunteers to set up. Once parishes start using it, they appreciate the benefits and do not look back. Payments are secure and the funds collected go speedily into the church’s bank account. A key benefit of contactless giving is avoiding the counting, storing, and banking of the cash which is time-consuming and a potential security risk. We value this, especially with many branches of banks closing. The Gift Aid administration is easy to manage, and the wider reporting functionality supports church finance teams with managing the finances more efficiently too.”

Dona Donations’ mission is to help charities increase their donation income through technology. Its Digital Collection Plate provides donors access to a self-service kiosk that is contactless, and chip & PIN enabled. Gift Aid donations can be easily set up and managed. Giving can be categorised according to various causes/funds within a charitable organisation. The system is secure, and its management portal makes it straightforward and fast for charities to support accounting procedures and Gift Aid administration.

Elroy Fernandes, Managing Director, Dona Donations said:

“The decline in cash usage by around 15% every year since 2017 – and 35% during 2020 – has generally affected charitable giving across all charities, especially in ad hoc situations such as museum visits or at religious venues, when weddings and funerals have previously generated significant cash collections. Therefore, we’re delighted our Digital Collection Plate is supporting The Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton – enabling contactless donations to take place, providing churchgoers and visitors to services and functions with more options for donations and giving.”

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