Monday, 27 May 2024
Monday, 27 May 2024

The carers collective launches with a massive call out for help

It’s time to mark Carers Rights Day today with a Massive Call Out to individuals, businesses, and community organisations. 

The Carers Collective is a new community interest company set up by Kaddy Thomas, of Elijah’s Hope, to strengthen the community for carers and those they care for.

Kaddy explained:

“Caring is a tough job. I know, I’m a Mum with Apert Syndrome, looking after a critically ill 15-year-old son, Elijah, who also has complex needs. I know that many carers are isolated, not engaged, and not encouraged that their work is Amazing. I am launching the Carers Collective to serve as THE must place to GO for support, help, advice, workshops, forums, and just to be cared for.”

  • Carers UK reports that 44% of carers are at breaking point, with 74% feeling exhausted. The fallout from the pandemic, Brexit, and low pay within the care sector, have resulted in an industry on the verge of collapse. Many paid carers are stretched, and many families have had to become the primary carer.
  • Carers UK found that 81% of carers spent more time on their caring responsibilities during the pandemic because the local care services they rely on have been reduced or closed. Most carers are exhausted and haven’t had a break since the pandemic started.

Kaddy continued:

“The Care Sector is in an absolute crisis. It can be completely overwhelming as many families have to look after their loved ones and do a remarkable and important job in ever-decreasing difficult circumstances. The brutality of the pandemic, the utmost need for shielding, in conjunction with daily living costs have increased…these have taken their toll. We must support all carers, paid and unpaid so that they can support their loved ones. I have set up the Carers Collective to bring together resources to help carers feel cared for and seen.”

The carers collective launches with a massive call out for help
Kaddy Thomas


The Carers Collective launched earlier this month with a series of online solution-focused hypnotherapy group coaching sessions led by Kerry Seymour, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, HPD, DSFH, BSc (Hons.) Psych MNCH (Reg.) AfSFH (Reg.) alongside Kaddy. Over the 6-part group session workshops, the collaborative nature and the supportive approach that solution-focused hypnotherapy provides equips attendees with uplifting treatment methods on how to cope and what to implement into their lives to build resilience.

Kaddy stated:

“Why this coaching? This is something I’ve been able to access, and I cannot underestimate the massive difference in my mental health. It can be as easy as just understanding where the individual critical points lie, identifying these needs, finding solutions, and implementing help and resource with these critical touchpoints. In finding the solutions, it can be life-changing for a carer on how to manage better.”

Kerry explained:

“Solution-focused Group Coaching incorporates three key elements: education/training, coaching, and intervention. Participants start by learning how their brain works and how they can look after and build their mental resilience. They discover how to think in a solution-focused way and explore what changes they can make to get back or stay on track in life. Each session ends with a guided relaxation which enables carers to relax, quieten their busy mind and allows their brain the opportunity to come up with the solutions that are right for them. Solution-focused coaching has been shown to minimise feelings of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression. The sessions are usually evening-based and online to ensure access to all.”

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