Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Talented team with Down’s Syndrome create new look for charity

A creative team who all have Down’s syndrome have produced new branding to launch Down Syndrome Cheshire as part of a unique work experience project. The Charity, formally known as Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group, turned to its talented members for the relaunch in partnership with a local firm.

The project, funded by Global’s Make Some Noise, involved the group working with Down Syndrome Cheshire CEO Lawrence Caygill and Philip Neave from the design firm to establish a fresh new look for the organisation depicting stepping-stones to represent their mission to empower people with Down’s syndrome to unlock their potential, lead happy and fulfilling lives by changing perceptions, creating opportunities and educating the wider community.

The new design, which was established over a three-month period, in consultation with the group who expressed their ideas to develop the branding and message, has finally been revealed.

Gina Hulme, who is a trustee for Down Syndrome Cheshire and a member of the design working group, said:

“We met on Zoom and talked about how we would like to help the future of the charity. I like the new logo with stepping-stones. We all agreed that it shows everything that the charity does. I think that the new logo will get attention and raise awareness.”

The charity currently supports in the region of 200 children and adults with Down’s syndrome in Cheshire and their families by providing peer support, education advocacy, speech and language support, training, information and advice.

Down Syndrome Cheshire CEO Lawrence Caygill commented:

“Our families have been through so much during the lockdown and the pandemic that it’s wonderful to be able to offer a fresh new outlook for the charity going forward. The stepping-stone design represents the role Down Syndrome Cheshire play in supporting our members with learning disabilities and their families through every stage of life and development.

“The fact that this design has been created in consultation with members of our group who have Down’s syndrome is very special as we want it to represent their ideas and aspirations and the fact that they are at the centre of everything our organisation does. We have had great feedback about the success of the work experience project and plan to offer more opportunities going forward. We would urge anyone interested in taking part to get in touch.”


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