Taking the charity sector into the digital age

In response to the challenges the sector faces, a passionate charity volunteer has spent nearly 2 years and his own savings building a cloud-based platform, to support CEOs and boards in taking governance and leadership into the digital age.   

Ian McLintock told Charity Today: “The sector is heavily regulated, faces growing demand for services and is under greater public scrutiny than ever before, but our boards are unpaid volunteers and many non-profits are too small to have the executive expertise to meet these demands.

“The Charity Excellence Framework has been designed specifically to support charities in meeting these challenges. A web-based platform that anyone can use, it supports boards and CEOs in maximising performance and provides assurance of compliance. This includes the extent to which people are kept safe from harm, using nearly 50 metrics to track a range of issues, including safeguarding, harassment and whistleblowing.     

“It does this by creating a unique model for each non-profit, based on its size, location, role and activities, optimizes reporting against its specific priorities and individually linking results to relevant resources from across the web. It comprises 8 diagnostic questionnaires, with reporting via a dashboard that tracks more than 20 key metrics.”    

Subsequent phases will be funded from revenue and include creating a charity sector data store, online stakeholder engagement linked to the system and a Fit-to-Practice qualification for CEOs.