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Sweepstake Guidelines

Sweepstake competitions can be a fun way to help raise money for your favourite charity, but there are some basic rules that you will need to follow if you are planning on running your own sweepstake:

  1. The entry price must be the same for all participants.
  2. You need to decide before hosting your competition if the entry money will be split between the winner and the Charity, or if you are going to have a separate prize with all entry fees going to the Charity. Whichever approach you take, participants must be informed before they enter and the host cannot make a profit (ie funds will need to be donated).
  3. Office sweepstakes can only take place in one office with people in the same premises.
  4. You must not sell entry on the street or house to house.
  5. If you are doing a competition where people need to guess the square of a picture that an object is hidden on, you will need to decide ahead of time which the winning square is, and make sure that is saved somewhere securely (for example in a sealed envelope). If no one guesses that square, then the nearest guess is the winner.

For more information on the rules of running your own fundraising sweepstake please visit the Gambling Commission website, www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk

Disclaimer: This notice does not constitute legal advice and you should consult a lawyer if you have any questions.