Sunday, 19 May 2024
Sunday, 19 May 2024

Suzy Lamplugh Trust: Stand Up Against Harassment training

SUZY Lamplugh Trust is now offering free training sessions on Bystander Intervention to anyone who wishes to attend.

In partnership with L’Oréal Paris and Right To Be, we are the UK national partner for the course ‘Stand Up Against Street Harassment’, which enables anyone who witnesses some form of harassment to support the victim or intervene if needed. This course focuses on your own personal safety as a bystander, as well as the victim, and will provide tools and advice on the best way to intervene and help the person who is experiencing the harassment. 

Following a growing national conversation around what the public can do to increase women’s safety, it is obvious that there is a demand for this guidance. With 80% of women in the UK reporting that they have experienced harassment in public spaces, and 86% of UK witnesses who have intervened reporting that their action improved the situation, there is clearly an urgent need. This enables everyone to safely Stand Up Against Street Harassment. 

Suzy Lamplugh Trust: Stand Up Against Harassment training

This programme drives awareness of harassment; upskilling and empowering individuals in any situation; at school, on public transport, in a workplace, gym or in a pub, to help defuse situations, discourage the harassers, and support the person who was being harassed.

Harassment can occur to anyone, and we want to enable you to be able to feel confident to know what your options are if you see this taking place. If everyone became an active bystander, then we could work towards a world where harassment is reduced and those who experience it know that there are people out there who will be there for them.

This training is available to book via our website, we are offering free 1-hour open sessions to everyone and you can book by clicking here, otherwise, if you wish to book one for your organisation, please do contact us by emailing: 


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