Suzy Lamplugh Trust: Charter for Workplace Safety launched

Suzy Lamplugh Trust: Charter for Workplace Safety launched
National Personal Safety Day is an annual awareness-raising campaign and focuses on ways to improve everyone’s safety.

Initially started by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust in 1998 as National Personal Safety Week, this became an annual day in 2005. Throughout the years we have used this to concentrate on different safety issues, and in recently this has included our #KnowYourRides campaign, about staying safe when using taxis and private hire vehicles, and our #StaySafeAtWork campaign which included research highlighting violence and aggression in the retail sector.

On 7th November, National Personal Safety Day 2019, Suzy Lamplugh Trust is launching Suzy’s Charter for Workplace Safety. This is an eight-point Charter to help employers and employees make workplaces safer for everyone. Implementing the Charter’s simple steps can go a long way to ensuring that personal safety risks are identified and mitigated where possible.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust has worked with a wide variety of organisations over the last year including unions, large and small businesses as well as the police, and employees themselves, to create a charter that makes it simple for organisations and the people they want to protect, fulfil their obligations to keep workers safe.

An estimated 374,000 adults of working age in employment experience violence at work annually, including threats and physical assault. The human costs of personal safety incidents for employers are far-reaching and can amount to as much as £6,500 for non-fatal injuries and £12,300 for ill-health per case, due to loss of productivity, insurance claims, administrative and legal costs and health and rehabilitation costs. In the case of fatalities, costs can soar to almost £100,000.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust will work with organisations to ensure they are compliant with each point in the Charter and review its implementation on an annual basis to certify that compliance continues. The Trust will help each company to provide adequate support to their employees, and work with them to continue this moving forward’s and ensure compliance with legal obligations.

Suzy’s Charter for Workplace Safety includes guidance on risks assessments, buddy systems for when people are out and about at meetings, conferences or home visits etc, reporting systems and updating policies and procedures.

You can read more about the Charter on our website and on social media using the hashtags #SuzysCharter #NPSD19