Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

‘Give 5’ items to sustainably designed charity shop this UK Charity Week

A sustainably designed charity shop has re-opened in Lewisham which aims to reduce carbon emissions, pollution and energy use wherever possible.

UK environmental charity TRAID’s twelfth charity shop is located in the heart of Lewisham and integrates sustainability in its design and build including recycled mannequins, non-solvent paints, use of sustainable materials like cork and bamboo, green energy, 100% LED lighting and reclaimed window glass and steel.

The charity is urging people to take part in UK Charity Week‘s ‘Give 5 Day’ by donating 5 items of clothing to their local TRAID shop.

'Give 5' items to sustainably designed charity shop this UK Charity Week
Donate 5 items for ‘Give 5 Day.’

Commercial Director Enedina Columbano said:

“In our newest charity shop, the design and build of the shop itself reflect our work on sustainability, reuse and fashion, from using 100% low energy lightning and renewable energy to using sustainable and reclaimed materials wherever possible.”

TRAID Lewisham does not sell plastic bags encouraging customers to bring their own, and the rest of its charity shops will follow as soon as existing stocks of bags run out. (The charity was an early adopter of charging 10p for its plastic bags since 2004).

Customers and the local community are also being encouraged to pass on clothes they no longer need in-store for someone else to use, or to book a free, convenient home collection

As well as its sustainable store design, TRAID’s fashion reuse work makes a significant contribution to the environment by keeping clothes in use for longer. Since launching in 1999, the charity has diverted over 170,000,000 garments from landfill by collecting, reusing and reselling them instead.

Since lockdown eased in mid-June, TRAID has re-opened putting protective measures in place in all its charity shops to keep staff and customers safe, including closing changing rooms, quarantining donations and installing hand sanitiser stations.

Columbano added:

“We’re delighted to safely welcome our customers back into our TRAID’s charity shops. The response has been very positive, and after being denied access to our local high streets for so long, many are reminded what an important resource they are. Not just for shopping, but also for connecting with our friends, neighbours and communities.”

With TRAID’s shops re-opened, the charity is once again able to sustainably raise funds to improve the lives, environment and incomes of the people who make our clothes, which we anticipate will be needed more than ever in the wake of this pandemic.


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