Friday, 19 April 2024
Friday, 19 April 2024

Surrey charities thank Surrey Freemasons

As we face the prospect of a second winter peak of COVID-19, Surrey Freemasons have once again been delivering free PPE face visors to charities and charitable organisations across Surrey.

These include The Meath epilepsy charity in Godalming, which provides a range of accommodation and support services, to help those suffering from epilepsy to live safely and to work towards gaining more independence in their day to day lives.

Tania Cantoni, who is Head of Fundraising & Communications at The Meath epilepsy charity in Godalming, has just written to Surrey Freemasons Charity Team, saying:

“On behalf of us all at The Meath, I want to thank you for another delivery of 800 masks from the Surrey Freemasons. We are so grateful to you for your continuing support, especially in these challenging times. They are proving incredibly useful and we are finding them more comfortable to wear than the surgical masks.”

These latest face visors are in addition to a £4,000 emergency donation, also provided to The Meath earlier this year, after intruders broke into their Godalming centre and destroyed and stole important cars and minibuses, which their residents were so reliant upon.

In total, there have now been nearly 4,000 free PPE face visors delivered across Surrey by Surrey Freemasons. Just a few of the many other Surrey charities, organisations, and carers to have benefited from these, include: 

Phylis Tuckwell Hospice and Hospice Shops, Marie Curie Nurses, Godalming & Villages Community Store, Elstead Food Bank, Camberley All Night Café, and ‘Kent Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust’.

Surrey charities thank Surrey Freemasons
Sarah Steel & Marni Hewitt in the ‘Quiet Water Garden’ at The Meath.

All of these are incredibly grateful for any support they receive. Since our first national lockdown, too many local charities and care organisations are struggling and in desperate need of help, so with further COVID restrictions expected, they need all the assistance they can get.

Surrey Freemasons are just one of many local community groups reaching out to help and are proud of the extensive charitable work being done by Lodges and their Members across Surrey.


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