Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Wednesday, 29 May 2024

STV stars reveal recipe secrets to launch Big Scottish Breakfast fundraiser

FOR anyone who’s ever wondered how STV’s biggest stars like their eggs in the morning, all will be revealed this week, as some of the broadcaster’s most familiar faces share their favourite breakfast recipes as part of a new campaign to launch the STV Children’s Appeal’s Big Scottish Breakfast 2020.

From today, top presenters including John Mackay and Kelly Ann Woodland will share the secrets from their kitchens on the STV Children’s Appeal’s social media channels – with the recipes ranging from the elaborate (Emma Cameron’s spicy kedgeree) to the slightly more straightforward (John Mackay’s boiled egg).

This year’s Big Scottish Breakfast takes place on 16 October and will raise money for the children and families throughout Scotland who have been hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. Those at crisis point have struggled to put food on their tables or cover the cost of internet access to stay connected to others during the lockdown, and many have relied on the services of charities to help them through this challenging period.

STV stars reveal recipe secrets to launch Big Scottish Breakfast fundraiser
Emma Cameron

The STV Children’s Appeal hopes Scots will gather together, either virtually or where social distancing permits, to enjoy a shared breakfast and donate whatever they can to support vulnerable children and families across the country.

Natalie Wright, STV Children’s Appeal Campaign Manager, said:

“STV’s most familiar faces have got all the right ingredients to launch this year’s Big Scottish Breakfast in style!

“We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s sadly not always available to the one in four children living in poverty in Scotland. Despite the unusual circumstances, I hope schools, businesses and families across the country can still join in with their own Big Scottish Breakfasts on 16 October to raise money for those who so vitally need it, perhaps now more than ever.”

Beneficiary case study

12-year-old Ross from Edinburgh is one of the thousands of children across Scotland who have benefited from donations to the STV Children’s Appeal this year.

Ross is autistic and completely non-verbal. He has particularly sensitive hearing, and is prone to lashing out when life gets a little too much to handle. When the coronavirus pandemic struck, Ross struggled to understand what was happening. He can communicate if he’s feeling happy or sad using a special electronic device – but doesn’t have the ability to explain why.

STV stars reveal recipe secrets to launch Big Scottish Breakfast fundraiser
Ross and mum Carol

Ross’ mum, Carol, said:

“It felt like we’d been dropped off a cliff. Ross didn’t understand why his usual activities got cancelled because of the pandemic, and he started getting quite aggressive towards us.”

Looking for the answer, Carol got in touch with Edinburgh-based project The Yard, which is funded by donations to the STV Children’s Appeal and provides adventure play services for children with disabilities.

Carol said:

“We’d have been lost without it. Ross could go there and climb, ride a bike in safety, and just play like a normal boy.

“It means we can all just be our normal selves without fearing judgement or living up to other people’s expectations. We have no garden at home so coming to The Yard is absolutely great. We can relax knowing Ross is safe and having fun.

“To be honest, we wouldn’t have survived lockdown without it.”

The STV Children’s Appeal is inviting everyone to host their own Big Scottish Breakfast – simple or elaborate, virtual or socially distanced – on 16 October to raise money for those who need it most. More information on taking part is available at


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